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How to deal with your wife's strong temper

How to deal with your wife's strong temper as the saying goes, the way you choose is to walk with tears. Some men often complain that their wives are grumpy and strong. In fact, this is not the reason why women are unilateral. Because this is the basis of your first contact. You can't stand it for a long time. What should you do if you meet a grumpy wife? Let's have a look!

How to deal with a strong and grumpy wife

We need to find our own problems

Why is your wife so grumpy? Why is she so angry? Are you doing something wrong? You don't know. This requires you to pay more attention to your own small problems at ordinary times, or simply ask others to see what problems you have that people feel can not get along with, and correct them in time. For example, if you procrastinate, and your wife is an acute child, then you and her ink, she must be angry with you.

Maybe your wife's frequent tantrums are to attract your attention and hope you can accompany her more. It's just a way for her to express her emotions. So, you usually need to spend more time with your wife, boast about your wife, don't use all kinds of excuses and no time, you can't even spend time with the person you love most in your life, and don't want to say a few good words to her.

Strong kiss

No matter how strong a woman is, she will also have a small woman's heart, eager to be cared for. When she has a sign of bad mood, giving her a strong kiss will make it difficult for her flames to rise. For a woman, if a man takes his actions for granted, even if there is still a sense of resistance in the woman's heart, the result will naturally produce the idea that "obedience to him is for granted". According to the latest version of the women's psychological report, women still have their grandmother's psychological dependence in essence. They may no longer say "listen to you" and other words, but they can't get rid of their desire for men to decide everything.

Provide fresh feeling

Women always like the fresh feeling rather than the invariable one. The fatigue of life will also make a gentle beauty become a yellow faced woman with a big temper. Therefore, it is very difficult to breed natural resentment if you want to learn to bring some fresh feelings to marriage and enrich life.

Small gifts and big surprises

Maybe you've been dating for many years, but don't forget to surprise your wife with a small gift at the right time. Don't say anything about your husband and wife. Don't care about those forms. No matter how well you know it, you can't deny the fact that women like little romance. There is no shortcut to love, so smart men can grasp the opportunity and get twice the result with half the effort.

Let life be less sweet talk

Although women always criticize men's sweet words, in fact, few women can refuse men's sweet words. Women like to be cared by men, which makes them think you are a close person. Think about the strong wife after hearing you say sweet words, will they quarrel more fiercely? I think normal people can't do it! So, say more sweet words, let women know that you have her in your heart.

Dare to take responsibility

Men should be brave to take their own responsibilities, because the ideal man of a woman should be a man who is brave to take responsibility first. How many commitments have you made for her when she was in love? Including the commitment to love, the commitment to family, the commitment to the future, almost all the issues that women care about are the things that men need to make a commitment to.