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How do you use disposable mask correctly

How do you use disposable mask correctly haze is serious in autumn and winter. Air is frozen. Many people wear masks when they travel. Disposable masks are chosen by many people for their cleanness and hygiene.

Usually we wear disposable masks, which are medical general surgical masks. They have both sides, the darker side - the blue side is facing out, the lighter side is facing in, close to our face.

Wearing steps:

One wash: first, clean your hands to avoid unclean hands polluting the inner face of the mask;

Second hang: stick the mask horizontally on the face, mouth and nose, and hang the ropes at both ends on the ears with both hands;

Three pull: pull the folds of the mask up and down at the same time, so that the mask can completely cover the mouth, nose and chin;

Four pressing: finally, press the metal strips on both sides of the nose with the index fingers of both hands to make the upper end of the mask cling to the nose.

matters needing attention:

1. The mask has both white and blue sides. Put the white side inward and the metal side upward. First, tie the two straps on the lower side behind the neck and tighten them! Make the lower side of the mask reach the chin root;

2. Pull up the upper edge belt of the mask, cover the nose and mouth with the mask, and pull the two upper straps to the back of the ear and fasten them to the head, not to the ear.

3. Press the metal wire of the upper nasal root of the mask with two index fingers to make it close to the nose skin, and then move the food to both sides gradually, so that the whole mask is close to the face skin.

4. After wearing the mask, avoid touching the mask frequently to avoid reducing the protection effect; after taking off the mask, wrap it in the tape or paper bag, and then put it into the covered garbage can for disposal, and wash hands in time; do not reuse the disposable mask.