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How to extract gold from old mobile phones?

It's amazing that the waste mobile phone can be used to extract gold. Is there any gold in the old mobile phone? A few days ago, the police came to a remote village in the south of Wu River and stopped in front of a warehouse along the street. The police on the spot put on masks and checked the inside and outside of the house. Then, what's the secret in the house where the gate is closed at ordinary times.

Open the gate of the yard, the pungent smell makes people straight back. In one of the big rooms, a big pit was dug out. The pit is full of green unknown liquid, which sends out exciting odor. Police also carried a handcuffed man with a flat head. After sampling the black and green liquid in the pit, investigators sealed and transported all the unknown liquid with forklifts and large plastic buckets. The inspectors found a lot of acid liquid in some plastic buckets and bottles on site, which was highly corrosive.

Original title: husband and wife collect waste mobile phone for alchemy. They are detained for hundreds of mobile phones. They can make a gold ring

Residents reported that the courtyard had been abandoned for a long time before, and only recently found that there were activities. But during the day, the gate was closed, and they didn't know what the people were doing. Only in the middle of the night, there was often a pungent smell coming out of the house. In early October, Wujiang police received reports from the masses, investigated and dealt with the black factory, and arrested Zhang and his wife who had fled in Hunan Province.

Suspect Zhang opened a gold and silver recycling shop in Mudu. He heard that gold can be refined from chips of some old mobile phones. At the end of April this year, Zhang spent 20000 yuan to rent these remote warehouses, buy chemical solutions, buy a large number of old mobile phones, extract gold, silver, copper and other materials from the circuit boards inside, and then process and sell them. Zhang dug a two meter square pit in the warehouse, from which the contaminated waste water from gold refining seeped into the ground, and the rest of the waste water was secretly discharged into the small river behind the house. Although Zhang only made a profit of more than 20000 yuan in a few months, the damage left behind is huge.

According to professionals, about 150 grams of gold can be extracted from each ton of used mobile phones, while 400 grams of gold can be extracted from each ton of used circuit boards. That is to say, a hundred old mobile phones can make a big gold ring, which has long been targeted at such a huge profit. In 2006, a hidden workshop in the outskirts of Suzhou exploded. Because of the serious pollution caused by local law refining, the enterprises with qualification to extract precious metals are strictly prohibited. They need professional pollution treatment equipment and the license issued by the Environmental Protection Bureau.