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Decoration effect drawing of porch 2017 porch looks good

whether the host or the guest comes home, the right porch can give people a kind, natural and warm feeling. If home is a poem, then the porch is the introduction of the poem, bringing out the keynote of the whole family.


The excessive area between the inside and outside of the room is the only way to get in and out of the house. This buffer zone often determines the first impression that the home gives to the guests and a reflection of the residents' personal taste. Therefore, the design of the porch is very important.

Don't you want to let your family in

Is it beautiful at first sight?

You don't want to go in and out

Comfortable to change clothes and shoes

Not in a hurry?

Look at how other people's porches are designed,

Maybe you have the impulse to transform your own porch!

I was attracted by this tree hanger at first sight!

First of all, it is nailed to the wall and does not occupy space;

Moreover, how many things can it hang?

Clothes, hats, scarves, bags are all right.

The shoe cabinet below can also be used as a stool.

The design of this porch is similar to the above,

The difference is that there is a space under the shoe cabinet,

Just change your shoes and kick them in,

Save it in the shoe cabinet.

If your porch has a hook,

They can be lowered a little bit,

Or let the hooks be arranged in a staggered way.

This not only facilitates the use of children,

Family members who also meet different height conditions.

A locker is set at the entrance,

I believe it is also the choice of most people.

On the premise of beauty, the most important thing is not to let go of any storage corner,

It's especially important for small houses.

A mirror is used for grooming,

The flip bucket shoe cabinet is not large in width but large in capacity,

The shelf above can be used to store bags,

Put a few decorative pictures on the shoe cabinet and they will be tall in a moment,

You see, upgrading your taste is so simple~

If you think there is only one color in the porch, it's too monotonous,

You can paste wallpaper on the wall,

With the geometric pattern of embellishment moment fun.

Look at this shoe changing stool,

You can put shoes underneath,

There are also two layers of small drawers to hold some fragmentary items,

Simple and stylish, I really want to start with one ~

Small porch table and long mirror,

It's simple to create a small dressing area ~

Want a literary style?

Just take a wooden bench home!

The "thin" porch pattern,

The lower part is a wooden bench as wide as the depth of the wall.

Besides bench and hook,

The pictures of family members on the wall are more warm,

Go out every day and have a look,

Power starts here!

Make the most of the space on the wall.

Mediterranean style, but also to make a small cloakroom!

Make a step, sit on the ground and put on your shoes~

Carpet with pattern pattern is more suitable for simple environment,

Its complicated pattern

For the monotonous living environment to bring a certain visual impact.