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Who are the Chinese models of 2017 Vimy show? How harsh is the interview?

it's going to start in four days. Are you excited? The high-profile Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will be held in Shanghai on November 20. This is also the first time that Weimi has landed in China! At that time, the Chinese supermodels Liu Wen, he Sui and Xi Mengyao who have stepped on the stage of Weimi for many times will appear at the main stadium of China for the first time!

Who are the Chinese supermodels selected?

Although Weimi show is at the end of the year, a round of enthusiasm has been aroused recently, because Weimi model has an interview. That's right. No matter what kind of person you are in the modeling industry, except for the brand contracted models, you have to go through an interview to get on the Weimi T platform. Perhaps because of the grand show in Shanghai, more Chinese models have been selected this year than in previous years, including Liu Wen, he Sui, Xi Mengyao, Ju Xiaowen, Xie Xin, and Chen Yu, a French Chinese, who is said to be the winner of a model competition.

Liu Wen is the first Chinese model to appear on the Weimi show. Ju Xiaowen is making her second appearance this year. Xi Mengyao will step on the Weimi show for the fifth time, he Sui will step on the Weimi show for the seventh time, and he is the Asian model with the most wings. Xie Xin, 22, and Chen Yu, 19, a French Chinese model, made their debut this year.

What's the interview like?

Although the street photos of models one by one take the wind, the atmosphere is strong, but the interviews are very tense. There's lighting and 360 degree cameras in the interview area to capture all your moments and even the live radio. The girls line up to come in with a photo and a photo album of themselves. Give a single photo to the judges. The judges of the photo album can only turn over one or two times. It's only a few minutes from the start to the end, so it's important how you perform.

The number of judges shall not exceed five, and comprehensive assessment shall be carried out. Finally, the single photos of the models will be pasted on the whiteboard, and the judges will make the final choice. Sometimes the jury disputes whether individual models are selected, and the process is very rigorous.