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How to log in to INS for iPhone users INS is a well-known social software in the world. Many stars at home and abroad have ins accounts. However, due to well-known reasons, mainland users can't log in to INS accounts. However, many iPhone users log in to INS through some methods. Here's how to log in to INS!

Step 1: click the 'Settings' icon on the desktop to enter the settings

Step 2: click "general" to enter the general settings

Step 3: click "network" to enter the network settings

Step 4: click 'VPN' to enter VPN settings

Step 5: click "add VPN configuration", and set (account password to register on the official website of i7 accelerator) (the server address contacts the customer service of the official website of i7 accelerator for request)

Step 6: click the 'VPN' switch to open the VPN connection. After the connection is successful, the small VPN icon will appear in the upper right corner of the iPhone, and then you can log in normally and refresh the ins.

The reason for IOS upgrade is that system 10 does not support PPTP mode. PPTP mode is relatively stable and effective. For IOS 10 system, L2TP mode can be set, which is similar to PPTP mode. The key needs to be provided by the operator.

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