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How to prevent fracture in winter

How to prevent fracture in winter I don't know if you have found that there are always more people with fracture in winter than in other seasons. Is the bone in winter more fragile than usual and also affected by the climate?

Osteoporosis is an age-related disease, but the impact of seasons on osteoporosis should not be underestimated. A study conducted in Norway shows that the incidence of fracture in the elderly is significantly higher in winter than in summer, and that in cold climate areas is significantly higher than in warm climate areas.

Vitamin D is an important hormone for calcium absorption, but there is very little natural vitamin D in food, only the content of vitamin D in deep sea fish liver is slightly rich. Vitamin D of human body is basically synthesized by irradiating the skin with ultraviolet rays. In winter, due to the sun's slanting sun, the ultraviolet rays are reduced, while people wear more clothes, less skin exposure, and the vitamin content in the body is significantly lower than in summer. A survey conducted in Australia and New Zealand shows that 25 (OH) vitamin D levels in the blood of adults are 10-20 nmol / L lower in winter than in summer, so calcium absorption will be reduced in winter. In addition, the content of vitamin D hormone in the blood is also crucial to reduce falls, increase muscle strength and coordination ability. In winter, when the level of vitamin D drops, the elderly are prone to fall and osteoporosis fracture. A study in Sweden showed that people with low vitamin levels in their blood had a greater risk of fracture than people with normal vitamin D levels. In addition, due to the cold weather, people's activities will be relatively reduced, which also affects the absorption of calcium in the body. If the calcium intake is insufficient, the natural bone absorption will increase, which will also aggravate osteoporosis.

In winter, when people's clothes increase, the flexibility of their activities will be greatly reduced. One week less exercise, the body's coordination ability will become poor, and the chance of falling will increase. In addition, the elderly are prone to osteoporosis, bone fragility increases, and fracture will occur after falling.

In winter, the road will be very slippery because of snow or ice, and the elderly are prone to fall when they go out, especially when the light is not good at night. One winter, there was ice-cream weather in Tianjin. The ground was as smooth as a mirror. The number of people who fell suddenly increased. In just one day, more than 200 people went to Tianjin hospital to see a doctor and confirmed that they had broken their bones.

Therefore, people, especially the elderly, should be very careful in winter. One is to supplement sufficient amount of vitamin D, preferably active vitamin D, which should be increased in winter than in summer, so as to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and osteoporotic fracture. In addition, the elderly should be more careful in winter life. If the weather is good, the elderly should go out properly to receive sunlight, and properly exercise to maintain muscle strength and coordination ability. If encountering rain and snow weather, the elderly should avoid going out. If going out, they must be careful on their way to avoid falling. Of course, the treatment of osteoporosis can not be effective in a short time, so the treatment of osteoporosis should start as soon as possible, do not wait for winter to remember.

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