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Is Gucheng Lake slow City fun? Tickets for Gucheng Lake slow City

Gucheng Lake slow city has beautiful environment and bright flowers. Compared with the hustle and bustle of the city, it is very quiet and the air is very fresh. The lake water and the scenery here are very quiet. It is very suitable for the weekend, or one day, to find a day and spend a period of time quietly.

If you have the same idea as Xiaobian, let's take a look at some information about Gucheng Lake slow City compiled by Xiaobian!

Traffic of Gucheng Lake slow City

Take the S9 subway from Nanjing and you can come here for only 8 yuan.

Gucheng Lake slow city ticket

Buy tickets online, 70 yuan per person. Because of the large area of the scenic spot, Xiaobian suggests that you'd better take a sightseeing bus or a small train.

In addition to the fixed station, the sightseeing bus stops at other places. The ticket is only 10 yuan, and there is no limit to the number of times to ride all day. It is cheap and user-friendly.

Is Gucheng Lake slow City fun?

Lakeside flower sea

Walking here, I can't help but feel shocked. In such an autumn, I can see such a dense and bright sea of flowers. There are gesanghua, Verbena, bosmania and so on. Even the air is filled with a faint fragrance of flowers, which is very pleasant.

A gust of wind blowing, looked up, saw the distance slowly rotating windmill, color is also bright, and here colorful sea of flowers complement each other.

Dutch style windmill creaks and turns. It's like the loss of ancient time. It has a quiet and romantic feeling. At the moment, what I want most is to stand under the windmill with the people I love, surrounded by a sea of flowers. Let's make an oath together!

Walk a few steps, here there is a flower path, fallen flowers colorful, traffic, on one side is the Persian chrysanthemum, on the other side is Verbena, yellow and purple two colors intertwined together, very romantic, through the path here, even the body is a touch of flower fragrance.

The lake water in the distance is sparkling, and the wind blows from there, rippling the sea of flowers here, and the fragrance of flowers is more and more strong.

Wetland Zoo

Through the sea of flowers, here is the wetland zoo. The zoo is very large, and because there are many kinds of animals, it is also the favorite of children.

And here is also different, because there is a lake running through, so we can take a boat, slowly enjoy the animals on the shore.

In particular, the Flamingo garden here is most welcomed by everyone. Originally, it is colorful. With the color of flamingo, it is more gorgeous.

reed marsh

The lake is clear and green. There are many reeds growing here. This season is just when the flowers are blooming. The breeze blows and the waves are rippling. The reeds are dancing with the wind.

Take a boat, wandering in the reed marshes, the boat is 40 minutes at a time, enough for you to visit the whole reed marshes.

Swimming across the reed marsh, it is even more shocking to enter the eye, that is a sea of sunflowers, a large golden, from the beginning of the boat just exposed sharp corners, to the last large appeared in front of us, it is simply a surprise.

The time here is slow, even if the city outside is busy and prosperous, it can also be lazy. Time is still flowing away, and time is still merciless. However, we still need to give ourselves a small space to show our most free and true self, so let's come here!