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How much is the guaranteed price of 200000 bird's nests for sending broken 2017 authentic bird's nes

Bird's nest is a kind of beauty food that many women like very much. Because it's expensive, we must be careful when we buy it. Zigong has a guaranteed price of 200000 bird's nest pieces, so should Shunfeng pay for them?

On April 12 this year, Ms. Yang, a citizen of Zigong, mailed 10 jin bird's nest to Beijing through Zigong branch of Sichuan Shunfeng Express Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shunfeng express"), and paid 391 yuan for express delivery and 1000 yuan for insurance, with an amount of 200000 yuan. No, this batch of bird's nests are damaged when they arrive at the receiving party. The receiving party rejects them. According to Ms. Yang, the damage degree of bird's nest is up to 80%. SF express shall compensate for the insured amount of 200000 yuan, and the bird's nest shall be disposed by SF express. However, SF express did not agree, and the two sides could not reach an agreement through consultation.

In June, Ms. Yang sued Shunfeng express to the court for compensation at the insured price of 200000 yuan. After the trial of the court of first instance, Ms. Yang's appeal was supported. However, Shunfeng express was not satisfied and appealed to Zigong intermediate people's court.

At 3:00 p.m. on November 14, Zigong intermediate people's court held a court session to hear the case. The appellant and the appellee expressed their respective views on whether the bird's nest was lost, how to divide the responsibility of packaging and transportation, and the applicable law of compensation. What's the final result? The court will decide the day.

I. how much is the authentic bird's nest

Throughout the country, bird's nest prices range from a few yuan / g to more than 100 yuan / g. for some well-known physical stores, the price is generally 45-100 yuan / g. then, the price of a jin of bird's nest is more than 22500 yuan. On Taobao, there are more bird's nests of 15-30 yuan / g, that is, 7500-15000 yuan / kg. Of course, we are discussing the price of swallow's Cup here, but the price of swallow's pieces and swallow's sticks are not discussed. So, why is the price difference so big?

II. What are the factors affecting the price of bird's nest

1. Size of bird's nest

Bird's nest size classification: 3A, 4a, 5A, 6a, bird's nest about large, the higher the price. The truth is very simple. The bigger the bird's nest, the more people like it. For example, when you go to a fruit shop to buy apples, you will pick the big ones. It's the same.

2. Shape of bird's nest

According to different shapes of bird's nest, there are triangle, half moon and triangle half moon. Many people sell different shapes at different prices. In fact, when swallows build nests in different places in their nests, they will have different shapes and no difference in nutritional value.

3. Bird's nest season

The season of bird's nest is divided into dry season and rainy season. There are abundant food in rainy season, high yield of bird's nest, relatively less food in dry season, low yield of bird's nest, and natural price rise.

In addition, the bird's nest in rainy season is cleaner than that in dry season. Bird's nest of this quality is also more expensive. Light fluffy bird's nests are all in rainy season, while dry season bird's nests have relatively more fluffy.

4. How much is the bird's nest

The less bird's nest hair purchased from bird's nest farmers, the higher the purchase price, and the higher the corresponding sales price.

5. Moisture content

Bird's nest is a dry product, which is generally sold at 95-99% dry weight. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to judge the dryness of bird's nest. There are some black heart businesses, in weighing the bird's nest water spray wet, increased the weight of the bird's nest.