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Tencent's new logo what does Tencent's new logo look like?

Tencent, founded in November 1998, is one of the leading Internet value-added service providers in China. Tencent has changed its logo. Do you know what it looks like?

Recently, Tencent released a new font design, which will contain more than 7000 Chinese characters, as well as Japanese, Latin and English italics. The new font will be fully applied to the Chinese logo design and various publicity titles of Tencent's brands, so that Tencent can unify the brand concept and spirit in the global scope and provide a consistent brand identification system.

At present, the logo with the new font has been officially launched. You can see the brand-new logo by visiting the official website of Tencent brands. In addition to the new logo, the upgrade also uses darker blue as the brand color.

Xiaolin Zhang, the font designer of monotype, a font design company, provides guidance for Tencent font library. Xu Hanwen, the font designer, leads the Chinese part. Liaotai Tui, the Japanese font designer, is responsible for the Japanese kana design. Steve Matteson and Juan Villanueva, the Latin font designers, also participate in the font design other than Chinese characters.

It's a set of customized font of brand, which will be applied to logo, title and company promotion of brand products, but it won't be applied to wechat or QQ user interface -- this may not be the same as you think.