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Why is bird's nest so expensive Bird's nest is a rare and expensive food in our life. Recently, a woman sent 10 jin bird's nest by Shunfeng express with a price guarantee of 200000 yuan. Unexpectedly, the bird's nest broke after the receiver opened it. The woman offered full compensation. Many people who eat melon didn't understand why the bird's nest is so expensive. Let's have a look at it!

On April 12 this year, Ms. Yang, a citizen of Zigong, mailed 10 jin bird's nest to Beijing through Zigong branch of Sichuan Shunfeng Express Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shunfeng express"), and paid 391 yuan for express delivery and 1000 yuan for insurance, with an amount of 200000 yuan. No, this batch of bird's nests are damaged when they arrive at the receiving party. The receiving party rejects them. According to Ms. Yang, the damage degree of bird's nest is up to 80%. SF express shall compensate for the insured amount of 200000 yuan, and the bird's nest shall be disposed by SF express. However, SF express did not agree, and the two sides could not reach an agreement through consultation.

In June, Ms. Yang sued Shunfeng express to the court for compensation at the insured price of 200000 yuan. After the trial of the court of first instance, Ms. Yang's appeal was supported. However, Shunfeng express was not satisfied and appealed to Zigong intermediate people's court.

At 3:00 p.m. on November 14, Zigong intermediate people's court held a court session to hear the case. The appellant and the appellee expressed their respective views on whether the bird's nest was lost, how to divide the responsibility of packaging and transportation, and the applicable law of compensation. What's the final result? The court will decide the day.

Why are bird's nests so expensive?

Bird's nest has been proved by science that it has not been abandoned like the old four, but has become more and more popular among stars and giants. On the one hand, it shows that its ingredients can stand scrutiny. On the other hand, it has cultural heritage. Eating bird's nest may not only be for maintenance.

One example is shark's fin. Few people take shark's fin seriously now, because there are both objections from animal protection personnel and scientific doubts. It's inhumane and nutritious, and it's gone.

But the bird's nest in CCTV and local radio frequency bright like, the surrounding pregnant mother has not eaten also have heard. In other words, at present, the bird's nest market is very large in the mainland. Suppose it's not tens of yuan per gram but one yuan per gram, then how many people in China want to eat bird's nest?

In terms of bird's nest supply, the picking and processing of bird's nest has basically not changed after the emergence of Yanwu technology, that is, the production capacity is basically stable, with an annual output of hundreds of tons and thousands of tons. Maybe you think it's a lot, but it's for the world. Even if it's 1000 tons, it's 1 million kg. If it's 1 kg per person, it can supply 1 million people. If it's 500 grams per person per year, it can supply 2 million people. If we reduce the number of mainland suppliers and consider the uneven distribution caused by the uneven wealth, then the middle class can eat hundreds of thousands of people conservatively.