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What are the characteristics of high EQ

What are the characteristics of high EQ in today's society, the importance of EQ can crush everything. No matter IQ, ability or quality, it can't compete with high Eq. the so-called EQ refers to the personal emotions, emotions and attitudes revealed in the process of dealing with interpersonal relationships and things. What are the manifestations of high EQ? Let's take a look at them!

High EQ performance 1: able to control emotions well

Human beings are emotional animals, and their emotions are very vulnerable to external influences. People with high EQ tend to have strong emotional control ability. They are not happy with things, not sad with themselves, able to deal with trivial matters of life with ordinary heart, and rarely lose their temper to close people.

Performance of high EQ 2: no blame, no complaint

Everyone will do something wrong. Ordinary people usually can't restrain their anger and scold others. And those with high EQ, most of them will not blame one person for the crime, and they have little responsibility and complain about others.

High EQ performance 3: strong communication skills

People with high EQ have strong communication skills, seem to get along well with many people, and often praise others sincerely. When encountering difficulties, they often deal with them through active communication.

High EQ performance 4: full of ambition and passion for life

People with low EQ tend to be complacent and pessimistic about life, while people with high EQ tend to be ambitious and passionate about life. When the work pressure is too great, people with high EQ will put away their complaints, shift their attention and boldly live themselves through other ways.

High EQ performance 5: be willing to help others

People with high real EQ tend to be kind-hearted in their life. From time to time, they will put down what they are doing, pay attention to others with their eyes, and extend a helping hand to those in need.

Performance of high EQ 6: not humble but not overactive, self-knowledge

High EQ does not mean flattery, nor does it mean to flatter others deliberately, but to be good at yourself, to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, to be neither humble nor overbearing, and to have strong self-confidence.