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2018 Remy Martin premium champagne cognac price list

2018 Remy Martin premium champagne cognac price list

Remy Martin Club premium champagne cognac, with its excellent quality of concise time and clear edges, symbolizes this star anise bottle, and highlights the honor of Remy Martin Club premium champagne cognac. Let's follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Remy Martin VSOP premium champagne cognac 700ml price: 309.00 yuan

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Remy Martin winery, founded in 1724, is a world recognized expert in premium champagne cognac. Fine champagne cognac is a higher-level French government country of origin naming qualification. Global premium champagne cognac accounts for only 17% of the total cognac production, of which 80% are brewed by Remy Martin. Remy Martin's full range of products are premium champagne cognac.

During the aging process, the alcohol in the liquor volatilizes into the air through the pores of the oak barrel, which reduces the strength of the alcohol and causes the alcohol to alcoholize; the air enters into the liquor through the pores of the oak barrel, which makes the liquor take on the light golden amber color, and the aroma of oak combines with the liquor to create a variety of rich aroma. This process is vividly called 'breathing'. Those oak with thicker grain are more suitable for aging of the highest quality because of their large pores, which is very conducive to 'breathing'. Because of the large amount of volatilization, although the quality of the liquor is high, the loss in the process is also amazing. Only those who pursue the highest quality of cognac regardless of cost will choose this kind of oak barrel. Of course, the quality of the liquor is also excellent.

Each kind of water of life has different quality characteristics because of its different grape varieties, planting and picking time, harvest climate, aging year and so on. So many distinctive 'water of life' should be blended according to a certain proportion, and finally made into the best cognac with harmonious taste, rich entrance and long aftertaste, and the taste of each batch of cognac is basically the same. This work is completed by the chief liquor mixer of the brand.