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Can yu'ebao transfer all the money to the bank card? How much is the transfer limit of yu'ebao to ba

Many people like to put money in yu'ebao. Can yu'ebao transfer all the money out to the bank card? How much is the maximum transfer out limit of yu'ebao? Do you understand these problems?

Since March 1 of this year, wechat has started to charge 0.1% of the handling fee for users to withdraw cash, and each user has accumulated 1000 yuan of free withdrawal quota.

In the announcement, Alipay said that the reason for cash withdrawals is that 'the cost of comprehensive operation has increased rapidly'. The adjustment of cash withdrawal rules is aimed at alleviated part of the cost pressure.

In accordance with the revised rules, Alipay charges a service charge of 0.1% of the amount of the withdrawal amount exceeding the free quota, and a single service fee of less than 0.1 yuan is charged according to 0.1 yuan.

Alipay also said that after the use of the basic free quota, users can use ant score to exchange more free cash withdrawals. At present, the exchange rate is that an ant point can be exchanged for a free withdrawal amount of 1 yuan, which is not capped.

Can't yu'ebao transfer out to the bank card?

From October 12, 2016, the funds newly transferred to yu'ebao by the user from the balance can only be transferred back to the balance, not directly transferred out to the bank card.

Some users who are not familiar with the use of yu'ebao may encounter some obstacles when transferring in and out. Users with unknown reasons are worried. In fact, don't worry, yu'ebao's transfer in and transfer out are originally limited. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction.

I. what is transfer out and transfer in of yu'ebao

Balance treasure is a new function of Alipay. You can transfer the money from your bank card or Alipay balance to the balance account. It will give you interest from the second day, equivalent to current savings, which is much higher than bank interest. Transfer refers to the transfer of the balance of treasure money to Alipay or bank card account, at any time can be transferred out, basically unrestricted.

2. What is the limit of yu'ebao?

(1) transfer quota (data source: Alipay official website announcement)

Computer terminal

A) payment method: deposit card quick payment limit: the actual limit is subject to the cashier

B) payment method: deposit card payment limit: card limit

C) payment method: balance payment limit: maximum 999999 yuan per transaction, unlimited amount per day, and maximum deposit of Yuebao account is 1 million yuan.

Alipay Wallet

A) payment method: deposit card quick payment limit: the actual limit is subject to the cashier

B) payment method: deposit card, balance payment limit: the same as the computer

(2) transfer out limit

First: the highest amount transferred from yu'ebao to the account balance:

The balance of treasure funds will be transferred to the limit of Alipay balance in real time.

A) user group: computer terminal with certificate: 50000 single day: 50000 single month: 200000

B) user group: computer terminal certificate free single transaction: 20000 single day: 20000 single month: 200000

C) user group: Alipay wallet single: 50 thousand single day: 50 thousand single month: 200 thousand

Reminder: balance treasure transferred to Alipay balance and balance treasure shopping consumption, share the above quota.

Second type: yu'ebao transfer out to the account's own savings card

1. Fast transfer out to savings card: 1 million yuan per transaction / day;

2. Transfer out to ordinary withdrawal card: 150000 yuan per single transaction per day;

3. Amount of real-time withdrawal: only cards of the following four banks are supported;

A) limit of China CITIC Bank: counter signing: up to 10000 yuan / transaction / day personal online banking signing: up to 5000 yuan / transaction / day (document certificate), 10000 yuan / transaction / day (mobile certificate) personal online banking no certificate user signing: up to 200 yuan / transaction / day

B) limit of Everbright Bank and Ping An Bank: up to 5000 yuan / transaction / day

C) limit of China Merchants Bank: up to 50000 yuan / transaction / day