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How much is a bottle of Black Brand whisky

How much is a bottle of Black Brand whisky Black Brand whisky is the best-selling high-grade Scotch whisky in the world. It is blended with more than 40 Scotch whiskies from different regions. Each whisky has been aged in oak barrels for at least 12 years. Now let's have a look.

Black Label whisky price list:

Johnny Walker Black Label Whisky (black side) price: ¥ 158.00

Johnny Walker Black Brand whisky imported from UK for 12 years price in Scotland: ¥ 149.00

Johnny Walker Black Label whisky 700ml price: ¥ 180.00

Johnny Walker black 12-year blended Scotch 700ml price: ¥ 175.00

British imported spirits black square foreign wine cocktail base wine 40 degrees Johnny Walker Black Brand whisky 700ml price: ¥ 189.00

Bacardi foreign wine Johnnie Walker black whisky 750ml price: ¥ 140.00

Johnnie Walker imported black brand black square whisky 50ml black brand red brand small wine company price: ¥ 46.00

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The deep and complex taste of Johnnie Walker Black Brand whisky will be felt by tasting it carefully: first, the mellow and smooth taste of velvet, then enjoy the charming smoky flavor, mixed with fresh fruit and rich fruit flavor, in which you can also taste the strong vanilla flavor.