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Which brand of electric blanket is good? 2017 top ten electric blankets

As one of the most commonly used heating appliances in ordinary people's homes, electric blanket has accompanied countless people through one cold winter after another. Do you know how to choose the electric blanket, which brand of electric blanket is better?

1. Rainbow Electric Blanket

The main products are rainbow electric blanket, shoe dryer, heating appliance, rainbow electric mosquito repellent incense sheet, liquid mosquito repellent incense, insecticide, mosquito repellent incense, polyester staple fiber and needle punched non-woven fabric, etc. The company's leading products, rainbow electric blanket, have an annual production capacity of 10 million beds and rainbow electric mosquito repellent sheets of 20 million boxes. It is a leading backbone enterprise in the electric blanket industry and the sanitary and insecticidal products industry in China.

2. Caiyang electric blanket

Shanghai Caiyang electric blanket Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Caiyang electric heating technology Co., Ltd. (the former Guizhou Caiyang electric blanket factory) are professional electric blanket manufacturers in China. Both Caiyang of Shanghai and Caiyang of Guizhou are drafting units of national and industrial standards for electric blanket.

3. Wuyang electric blanket

Wuyang Group Corporation is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of electric blanket in China. Wuyang brand electric blanket won the excellent product award of Hebei Province in 1991, and was awarded the famous brand product and star enterprise of Shijiazhuang in 1995. Wuyang brand electric blanket is sold in Carrefour, Wumart, Lotte Mart and other large supermarkets in Beijing, and is deeply loved by consumers.

4. Mengjie electric blanket

Shijiazhuang Mengjie Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electric blanket. With the continuous development of the enterprise, it has become the leading enterprise in the electric blanket industry of Hebei Province.

5. Yumin electric blanket

Qingdao Yumin Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of electric blankets. At the beginning of its establishment in 1983, Yumin electric blankets factory established the business tenet of "quality is life". So far, 'Yumin' brand has developed into a product portfolio of 22 items in eight series of electric blanket and electric warm treasure, with high popularity.

6. Brand creating electric blanket

Beijing Jiazhao electric blanket processing factory was established in 1997. It is a professional enterprise that produces series of electric blankets with a history of more than ten years. The Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision regularly supervises and inspects, and the qualified rate of market product spot check is 100%. Our "brand creation" series electric blankets have been recognized by our customers and market.

Sanyo Electric Blanket

Sanyo was founded in Japan in 1947. It is one of the world's fortune 500 enterprises and one of the largest enterprise groups in Japan. Sanyo is a well-known trademark in China. Sanyo Electric (China) Co., Ltd. started its business in February 1947 and established its current company in April 1950.

8. Spring electric blanket

Xuchang Spring Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993. Its predecessor is the second electric blanket manufacturer in China. It is subordinate to 126 military factory. It mainly produces electric blanket, electric heating treasure, electric heating pad, jade mattress, far-infrared series and other products.

9. Arctic electric blanket

Polaris Electric is a company with 30 years of brilliant history. Its products are sold to more than 20 countries and regions, mainly to Europe, Australia, South America and other countries. It has obtained a series of international certifications such as GS, CE, SAA, EMC, ROHS, etc.

10. Electric blanket for small sheep

Small sheep home textile was founded in 1995. After more than ten years of development, small sheep home textile has become a large-scale home textile enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales. Strict quality management for enterprises to win the good reputation of Chinese and foreign customers, but also let enterprises get more honor.

Electric blanket price

There are many brands of electric blankets in the market, and their specifications and functions are different. Of course, their prices are not the same. Therefore, it is very difficult for Xiaobian to provide you with the specific prices of all the brands of electric blankets here, only the prices of some brands and styles for your reference.

Caiyang 6658 & yen; 154.00

Caiyang 6001 & yen; 44.90

Rainbow 1535 & yen; 588.00

Rainbow 1525 & yen; 499.00

Wuyang 66638 & yen; 299.00

Wuyang 66658 & yen; 139.00

Well, after reading the above introduction, I believe that you are good at what brand of electric blanket, and the price of electric blanket should have a clear understanding, hoping to help you to choose electric blanket.