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How to recuperate women's cold hands and feet in winter? How to do with cold hands and feet?

Many girls are often cold hands and feet, especially in the winter, it is simply become the ice beauty. Do you know what the reason is? Cold hands and feet in winter is actually a way to recuperate. Here's a brief introduction for you!

1. Eat more nuts and carrots

Patients with cold hands and feet can also improve their physical symptoms through daily tonic methods. It is suggested that our women should eat more nut food, such as sesame and pine nuts. In addition, we should also eat some warm food, but we must remember that no matter what season, we can't eat raw and cold food.

2. Eat on time

To form a good eating habit has a good effect on the cold symptoms of our hands and feet. We should pay attention to eat more, eat on time, and not take the method of excessive weight loss. If we can't eat at a specific time, we can add some other food. If we eat more dates, mutton, or bread, we can supplement the body's calories.

3. Active sports

Women with this disease should get up in the morning and do more moderate exercise or jogging. In the process of jogging, our blood gas will run more smoothly, and exercise in the morning will also speed up our blood circulation 4. Eat American ginseng

Panax quinquefolium is one of the good drugs for Invigorating Qi. Its biggest characteristic is that it has a peaceful nature and can nourish but not dry. There are many ways to drink this medicine. For example, you can drink it in water alone. This kind of food is rich in vitamin E and many kinds of nutrition. In addition, there are other kinds of conditioning food, such as sesame or peanut. Moreover, these two kinds of food can also effectively strengthen the blood circulation of the extremities.