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What is the most expensive champagne in the world

What is the most expensive champagne in the world what are the most expensive champagne in the world? The brewing process of champagne is very complex, with very strict requirements for the technological process, and the price is relatively expensive. Let's follow Xiaobian to understand it.

1. Polkov dry champagne

The top of the list is a combination of a cork maker, an online marketing engineer and Michel Draper from Champagne Draper. The average price is $2809 (18880 yuan). Although it is expensive, the quality is definitely worth the price. The wine uses grapes from three small vineyards with a total area of less than 1 hectare. At present, only large bottles of this kind of Champagne can be bought on the market.

2. Cook anbonne Black Diamond champagne

The Blanc de noirs topped last year's list of the most expensive wines, using grapes from a pinot noir vineyard with an area of only 0.67 hectares, which has only been released for four years. Critics like this kind of champagne very much. Its average price is 2383 US dollars (about 16014 yuan), but the price has dropped in the past five years.

3. Polkov very dry pink champagne

This kind of champagne is brewed by the signee method. It is made of Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir. It can only be bought in large bottles on the market. The average price is US $2067 (about RMB 13885). If you want to taste this series of champagne, but don't want to spend too much money, try boerl kroff B de boerl kroff Brut, champagne, France for $296.

4. Don & middot; Perignon's third best dry champagne

The champagne ranked second in last year's list of the most expensive, and although it has slipped this year, it is still one of the top five don & middot; perignons in this year's list. The wine party of the same year of plenitude is released separately, while the 'third peak' is released after 20-30 years of aging, and its price is as high as US $1632 (about RMB 10963).

5. Don & middot; Perignon third peak pink champagne

The average price of this pink champagne is US $1550 (about RMB 10417), which is close to the price of the last very dry type, but this pink champagne was not selected last year because there were not enough years to buy at that time.