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The quality of Apple iPhone x is worrying after half a month's trial

In Apple's iPhone family, the "paint door" has a long history. IPhone 5 / 5S, iPhone 6 / 6S and iPhone 7 have many cases of paint falling. If the expensive Apple mobile phone loses its paint within half a month, is its quality worrying?

In the first place, the black version of iPhone 5 lost the most paint. After iPhone 6, it changed a little. But when it comes to iPhone x, the annoying 'disease' is back.

According to the photos exposed by Weibo netizen @ Xiaoli komlee, there is a large area of paint falling off at the bottom of the middle frame of the iPhone x, especially near the lightning charging interface, which has exposed the metal background, and can't bear to look straight at it.

It is understood that the photo was actually taken in the apple experience store. The prototype of iPhone X was put into trial for less than half a month.

In fact, there have been cases of searching for the keyword "iPhone x paint off" on Weibo. They are basically concentrated in the frame part of aluminum alloy, and mainly in the deep grey version.

As for the reason of paint dropping, it is not clear yet, but the above case is enough to prove that the black coating on the metal middle frame of iPhone x is easy to fall off due to external force, so you need to be more careful in daily use and wear a condom to ensure safety.