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How much is a 53 degree wine pair? The latest price of a bottle of 53 degree wine pair

53 degree Xijiu shuangzhe is mainly used for wedding wine, with a net content of 520ml, which is also very suitable for wedding banquet guests. So, how much is a bottle of 53 degree wine? Is it expensive? Let's follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Price: 138.00 yuan

Net content: 520ml

Degree: 53% Vol

Type: Maotai flavor

Package type: bottle / box

Origin: Guizhou

Brand: Xijiu

Shelf life: 3650 days

The above price comes from the network, for reference only!

The wine is made from local high-quality sorghum and wheat. It is made by traditional Maotai flavor technology. It is made by two times of feeding (Xiasha and husha), open saccharification, fermentation in stone cellar, steaming and reburning, seven times of wine taking, eight times of fermentation, nine times of steaming, packing according to quality, storage for at least three years and careful blending. It is colorless and transparent, clear and bright; the flavor of soy sauce is outstanding, elegant and delicate, harmonious and plump, with a long aftertaste. The alcohol content is 53 degrees, belonging to Maotai flavor Daqu liquor.