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How to eradicate frostbite? Six tips to help you

How to eradicate frostbite? Six tips to help you

Four seas net: winter's frostbite to the frozen hand party, is simply fatal, is not so cold as to say cold hand bone pain. And the cruelest thing is that frostbite will recur every year. How to eradicate frostbite? Share some tips with you.

Raw materials:

Ginger, pepper, pepper, wax gourd skin, cottonseed, pepper


Water, wooden basin


I. ginger is a treasure all over the body. It can be used for cooking, hair and cold protection. If your hands are particularly prone to frostbite, you may as well cut a piece of ginger every day to apply it to your hands. After applying the ginger to your hands, you will feel that the whole hand is hot. Of course, in addition to using ginger slices to smear hands, you can also put two slices of ginger in the pot to boil water, which can be used to soak hands and feet.

2. About 100g of red pepper, which is red and dry. Add 100g of white gourd skin, boil and cool for a while. If you feel that your hands can bear it, put your hands in to soak. The hotter the water, the better. Of course, the water temperature is not harmful to yourself. After soaking your hands, apply hand cream and gloves, then you can go to bed.

Three, this method is a relative told me, also quite effective, is cottonseed plus pepper, boiled bubble hand. Cottonseed is the seed of cotton. It is usually found in rural areas. Cottonseed contains a lot of oil. So it has a good moisturizing effect on the skin.

IV. in summer, I prefer to eat tomatoes and cucumbers, and then the rest of the cucumbers that I have eaten are used to wipe my hands, repeatedly, until the hands are hot. This method is often insisted on, which has certain effect on eradicating frostbite, and cucumbers are also very hydrating.

5. If frostbite just starts, heat vinegar and smear it on the frozen place several times a day, over and over again, it will have effect. You can also apply essential balm to the frostbite area and rub it with heat. If you stick to it for a few days, frostbite will be eradicated.

6. If you've got frostbite and you're already 'totally different', try using Yunnan Baiyao. Mix the powdered Yunnan Baiyao with water and make it paste. Then apply it to the frozen area and then wrap it with gauze. In a few days, you'll find the scar. Then apply urea ointment. This will not only cure frostbite, but also make the skin as good as before.

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