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How many points can you open ant loan to apply for loan sesame credit threshold

At present, the application threshold for "ant loan" is that sesame credit score is above 600, which is one of the conditions. Then the system will evaluate whether the account can be opened for borrowing according to the comprehensive situation of the account, which cannot be intervened manually. The details should be subject to the page display.

It's not that sesame credit score is more than 600 points that can be opened, but that ant loan can be opened only when there is an opportunity.

The method of opening up ant borrowing is as follows:

First of all, it should meet the conditions for opening the loan service;

Sesame is not the only condition for opening a loan, nor is it a threshold for opening the loan. Knowledge is one of the conditions for admission. The knowledge Alipay refuses to make a statement that you borrow. Ali still wants you to use Alipay and Taobao more.

Optimize Alipay / Taobao data;

① Improve personal basic information:

Including name, phone number, avatar and other basic information, perfect personal information in credit management. Including academic status, unit email, occupation information, driver's license, overseas credit report, vehicle information, real estate information, provident fund, credit card bill, etc.

2. Increase the utilization rate of Alipay and Taobao:

You can use Alipay to take a taxi and order meals, and the address is the address of the company, and the payment of the line is mostly based on Alipay.

You can shop on Taobao, but you still need to have shopping records every month. Remember to click to confirm the receipt in time after receiving, which is one aspect of credit assessment.

③ Bind your bank card and credit card:

It can bind the commonly used bank cards, and it is best to bind the credit card with Alipay, because people with credit cards will have higher credit than those without credit cards, and Alipay can also repay them.

The best way to bind a bank card is to keep running water. If you don't use a bank card for a long time, it's better not to bind it.

④ Optimized receiving address:

Alipay's receipt address can be kept 2-3, one is the home address, the other is the work unit address, and the other is the registered residence address. The addresses that are not used or deleted are all deleted. The address on the Taobao above also needs to be optimized.