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How many points to open ant flower? Ant flower? Opening conditions

How many points can Alipay open ant flower chant? Taobao registration time 3-5 years, buyers Level 3 heart above. Taobao member level above v3. Let's take a look at the conditions for opening Huabai.

Conditions for opening Huabei

1. Taobao registration time is 3-5 years, buyer level is above 3 heart. Taobao member level above v3.

2. Alipay has been running for more than 2W in the past 3 months.

3. Long term use of Taobao to charge phone charges, water and electricity charges, credit card repayment, etc.

4. Alipay has binding credit cards and has fast payment.

5. Binding with a savings card and opening fast payment.

6. there are records of Alipay financial products such as Baotian cat.

Finally, sesame credit score determines most of your data, which is the evaluation of Taobao based on your usual consumption level. With the above conditions, then the opening of Huabai is not a problem.

Sesame seed:

351-551 poor

551-601 medium

601-651 good

651-701 excellent


How to improve sesame credit score?

1. Credit cards should be returned in time to avoid overdue records.

2, when you can do it, do more social welfare, help others, help yourself too. In other words, Alipay donated more money.

3. Don't change the phone number every now and then. You don't want to pay the phone bill because you owe it. People who run around like this.

4. Water, electricity and gas charges, remember to pay in time when you see the reminder,

5. Do more things that reflect the sense of family responsibility, such as caring for parents, children and loved ones, and don't just care about yourself when shopping online. It means paying more with intimacy and helping others pay more.

6. Open credit card, Huabei and other credit accounts. The earlier you use them, the more they use them. It's also good for your sesame credit.

7. Make more friends with good credit. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together, and your friends generally have a low score, which will also affect you.

8. If Taobao bought something, you should receive the goods on time and pay in time! If the system receives the goods automatically and pays automatically every time, it may affect the credit score.