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What's in the rice washing water? Is washing rice water really good?

many young people may not know how hard their living conditions were 20 or 30 years ago. Their mothers and dads were saving their lives one by one. How much water can be saved

Turn on the public faucet slightly, connect a basin under it, wash the dishes, face, hands and feet. You can't pour the water. You can save enough dirty water to mop the floor, and finally flush the toilet

In short, there must be many families who have kept this good habit of thrift. At this time, someone should say that "Taomi water is a treasure, counting n amazing miracles" & hellip; & hellip; that must not be discarded, not wasted, right?

But! What's in the rice washing water?

There are only very, very few starch, protein, mineral and Vitamin & hellip; & hellip; in Taomi water, which can be ignored. In essence, it is 99.99% water.

Remember this sentence, we can continue to break through the dark clouds to see the moon.

1. Can the rice washing water remove the fruits and vegetables?


The rice washing water can not increase the friction on the surface of fruits and vegetables at all. It has no help to remove the agricultural residues, but only troubles and wastes energy.

There are three useful methods: wash with tap water for more than 30 seconds, or blanch with boiling water, or peel the fruit directly.

2. Can Taomi water nourish your stomach after drinking it?


We can't always think of doing something to nourish our stomach. By eating something, we can make our stomach into a wall of iron and inviolable.

The stomach doesn't need to be fed. It's all up to doing nothing. Quitting smoking and drinking, eating regularly and paying attention to hygiene are better than anything else.

3. Can rice washing water soften the skin?


You can wash your face, just let it be tender. Taomi water is not immortal water. It is the key to protect skin and slow down aging to protect against sun and reduce dryness.

4. Can you wash your hair with rice washing water?


It's said that the rice washing water will be fermented for a week and then used to wash the hair?

To say the least, after the boiled water of potato skin turns black, it can be brushed on the hair for at least a few minutes without fading?

5. Can Taomi water wash dishes and washboards taste?


No matter be to go oil stain or go peculiar smell, where can compare detergent? Even a pot of hot water can't compare.

6. Remove formaldehyde and paint from rice washing water?


If you wipe the rice water, it will be tasteless. In the newly decorated house, you need air purifier and ventilation for several months?

7. Can Taomi water remove the musty taste of towel?


Either wash the towel with detergent and disinfectant, or replace it with a new towel.

8. Wash clothes and decontaminate rice?


The clothes can be washed. Just ask how many pots of rice washing water must be saved to wash a piece of clothes? Let alone a pot of rice washing water to flush the toilet.

In the end, you will find that the rice washing water may only be & hellip; & hellip;

The flowers have been watered.

But it depends on how much care you put into it?

The times are different now. If we want to pour rice washing water, we will pour it. If we don't want to pour it, we really don't want to give up a higher quality life for these groundless "amazing effects".

Detergent, facial cleanser, moisturizer, hair dye, laundry detergent, washing powder, disinfectant, air purifier, new towel, detergent & hellip; & hellip; what can't I buy?