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What are the pitfalls of Taobao shopping in double 11 shopping?

So far, the transaction volume of the double 11 has exceeded 120 billion yuan. How much do you contribute to the double 11? As a shopping festival for the whole people, is it embarrassing not to buy something? But we should also be alert to many shopping traps, or we will be trapped!

How to prevent 'fake discount'?

Many people Tucao electric business double 11 preferential rules are obscure, what are the "holes"? First of all, coupons are not used automatically. If you buy or receive coupons, you will find that there is no discount after you pay. Second, the number of merchants is limited by the discount. Only the top * * can buy coupons. If you don't have the discount, you will get the discount. Third, if you spend enough money, you will not get the discount. Fourth, you can increase the price first and then discount. You can see the strength of the discount, but the price and Usually, it's no different.

How to prevent it? First of all, when shopping on double 11, it's hard to be nervous, but don't forget to click 'use coupons'. In addition, many coupons are time limited. Remember to use them before expiration. See whether the full discount is for the whole market or for a single business. As for the prevention of "price increase before discount", it is necessary to add the goods to the shopping cart several days in advance, record the relevant prices, and compare the prices before and after the double 11:00.

How to do payment security?

During the double 11 period, there were many activities such as promotion, red packet sending and winning prizes. Some lawbreakers took the opportunity to cheat money in the form of "winning prize" and "sending red packet". Once consumers click on such information, they are likely to steal personal information and increase the risk of account theft. In addition, it should be noted that the period of double 11 is also the peak period of virus and Trojan horse outbreak due to frequent payment of "hand cutting party".

How to prevent? First of all, we must be optimistic about whether the shopping website is the official website. In addition, don't click the website sent by others, including the links in QQ, wechat and other social software; don't be easily tempted by 'red packet' coupons and other publicity; don't easily enter the bank account password for the website you are not familiar with. The most important thing is that many payments now rely on mobile phone verification code, which must not be entered or told to others.

And these 'routines' need attention

In addition to the above items, we should pay attention to the following "routines" that need to be noticed by consumers, according to the monitoring reports released by China e-commerce research center.

1. Second kill scam. Many businesses in double 11 set some products as "seconds killing", but the actual probability is very small. Some businesses also need to input personal information first. Consumers not only can't "seconds killing" successfully, but also may cause personal privacy information leakage. They become "members" of businesses accidentally, and are subsequently "bombarded" by spam SMS.

2. Winning fraud. Sometimes when consumers place an order, their shopping information may be leaked for various reasons. After the fraudsters get it, they will send the winning information. Once consumers believe it, they may fall into the trap of the fraudsters. As for how to prevent it, don't be excited about winning the prize. Go to the official to verify the truth first. The other party will let the money go first.

3. Refund fraud. Similar to the "routine" mentioned above, the swindler can easily tell the order information of the consumer and gain trust after mastering the important information of the consumer, such as name, telephone number, order number, purchase goods, etc. After consumers mistakenly think it's true, the lawbreakers will design traps one by one based on the problem of orders. In this case, consumers should first go to the official or e-commerce platform for consultation, rather than mistakenly believe the phone call from strangers.

4. Cash on delivery scam. After the consumer places an order, for various reasons, there may be fake couriers who send empty parcels or very cheap things, falsely claiming that they need to pay on arrival of goods, and the consumer is cheated of the freight without knowing it. After opening the parcel, they find that they have been cheated.

5. Swindle. Double 11 is coming, many people may receive a part-time job of "swiping the list", saying that as long as they buy the specified linked goods, they will not only return the total purchase amount, but also have an extra commission for each swiping of the list. But you buy, not only did not return the amount, sometimes shopping links are hidden Trojan virus.


--In these circumstances, rights can be protected

It is possible to encounter uncomfortable places when shopping on double 11. Don't be angry. You can protect your rights in these situations.

1. No reason to return the goods within seven days. Except for the customized goods of consumers, fresh perishable goods, digital goods such as audio-visual products and computer software downloaded online or opened by consumers, newspapers and periodicals delivered, the rest of the goods can be returned for seven days without any reason, and consumers do not need to explain the reason.

2. Return the unqualified products. If the goods purchased by consumers are not up to standard, consumers can return the goods according to the relevant requirements of the consumer rights and interests protection law. Even after seven days of unreasonable return time, they can still return the goods, and the merchants have the responsibility to return the goods. In addition, when the state administrative department determines that the goods are unqualified, if the consumer purchases the relevant products and asks for return, and the business operator fails to return the goods for more than 15 days, it shall be deemed as deliberately delaying or unreasonably refusing.

3. The deposit is entitled to be returned. Now many businesses open the pre purchase mode when they do the double 11 activity. If consumers pay the deposit and do not buy the goods on the same day, they can still ask for the deposit back. This is in accordance with the Interim Provisions on the administration of centralized promotion of online goods and services, the organizers of centralized promotion of Internet shall not adopt the format terms to set the deposit non refundable and other requirements.