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What's the most ruthless city in double eleven? Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou people have the most mon

Big data has finally come out. Do you know which cities are the most ruthless? The exciting double eleven Shopping Festival has finally come! 10 seconds trading volume is over 100 million, 3 minutes and a second more than a billion, 6 minutes and 05 seconds over 20 billion … … in such a carnival time, constantly refresh the amount of transactions and parcels, as well as the "shopping allowance" torch red envelopes' down payment 'superimposed'&hellip …

From the data of the first 10 minutes, the top three provinces of consumption are Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. The top three consumer cities are Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou, the same as last year. So what are the new changes between this year's double 11 and the previous year's?

It's not about the money, money, money

It's not about money

We don\'t need your money,money,money

We don't need your money

When Jessie J, a British pop singer, sang the first song for "cat night" with the rearranged "price tag", I believe many people laughed - shopping vouchers, bank cards, credit cards, flowers, shopping carts, everything is ready, you said you don't need my money? It's not money. What else can it be?

But as soon as 0:00 on November 11, the real Carnival of "hand cutting parties" across the country and even around the world officially began. On the 45 meter long and 6 meter high HD screen of the party, the soaring trading volume seemed to say: This is not only a matter of money, but also a kind of "habit" formed in 9 years!

According to Alipay's data, in fifth minutes and 22 seconds, the peak value of double 11 payment reached 256 thousand pens / sec. At the same time, the peak time of database processing reached 42 million times per second by ant Jin suit. Both sets a new record!! seventh minutes and 23 seconds, and the number of payments is exceeded by 100 million strokes, which is equivalent to the total number of double 11 days in 2012.

From the last 10 minutes

The top three consumption provinces are

Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu

The top three consumer cities are

Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou

(same ranking as last year)

In addition, just 12 minutes after tmall double 11 launched, it completed the signing of the first order of the day. Mr. Liu, Jiading District, Shanghai, bought snacks at tmall's supermarket after 0 o'clock on the 11th, and rookie intelligent logistics delivered goods from the nearest warehouse, realizing minute level distribution.

"Actor" Ma Yun officially appeared, and "entertainment + consumption" became a trend

Now, it seems that the "double 11" party has become one of the most wonderful links during the "double 11" every year, and it is obvious that he is the most popular one in the party every year -- Ma Yun, Alibaba board chairman who played Michael Jackson, imitated Lady Gaga, and also served as "affectionate singer". That night, he was' delayed 'by Alibaba and officially made his debut as an' actor '.

At the party, Ma Yun personally starred in the Kungfu short film "Gong Shou Dao", which was broadcast for 8 minutes. In the film, Ma Yun's "master Ma" is "invincible all over the world" to defeat all kinds of martial arts experts one by one.