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Which province is daochengyading in? What should I wear to Daocheng Aden in November?

do you know where Daocheng Aden is? As one of the most popular tourist attractions for young people of literature and art, many people go there for fame. I believe many people know it from the movie "passing by from all over the world". When they first heard about Yading, they always thought it was a place. But in fact, the name includes two areas, separated by a high mountain and nearly 200 kilometers of mountain road. So do you know where Daocheng Aden is? Which month is the best time to go to Daocheng Aden?

Daocheng Yading is located in Ganzi, Sichuan Province. Daocheng is Daocheng County. Yading is a village under the jurisdiction of Daocheng County. Due to the special geographical environment and natural climate, it has formed a unique landform and natural landscape, which is the most complete natural ecosystem preserved in China. Aden's spring and summer interweave, June has been a verdant, from June to September there are wildflowers blooming on the meadow. In autumn, the forest under the snow mountain changes from single green to dark green and golden yellow. In winter, Yading scenic area is closed, and white snow spreads from Gongga risong Gongbu snow mountain to all around, covering every corner of Yading.

In addition to Yading scenic spot, there are many places worth visiting around Daocheng County, including the quiet riverside, beautiful red grassland, and ancient temples. In spring, there are azalea in Daocheng, and in autumn, there are red and yellow in Daocheng, with a paradise like color.

Daocheng Aden, the last pure land on the blue planet. It was first discovered by Joseph Middleton Locke, an American Explorer, in 1928. He published the photos in the National Geographic magazine of the United States, which caused a great sensation. Later James, the best-selling British writer. Hilton was inspired by Locke's Yunnan Tibet adventure story and wrote a novel the lost horizon, which made Aden famous. To this day, some Westerners still think it's the legendary Shangri La.

Best season for Daocheng Aden travel:

In summer (June August), the grassland began to grow yellow, and some flowers were still open. The weather is relatively sunny, but there are also many rainy days, mainly showers, usually in the evening and in the morning, with sunshine after noon. However, it is also necessary to be careful that heavy rain destroys the road, especially the 318 section.

Autumn (September October) is the most poetic season of the year in Daocheng. The red grassland outside Daocheng and the Yellow ten thousand mu poplar forest make people stay in the ocean of color, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds. The night and the morning of this season are like a dream.

Daocheng Aden tourism transportation strategy:

(1) aircraft

In 2013, Daocheng airport was opened. Children's shoes with tight time can be chosen, but the tickets are more expensive. If you have money, you can be arbitrary.

(2) automobile

There are two ways:

First, from Chengdu to the west, via Kangding, Litang (South Sichuan Tibet line), and then to Daocheng County

The second is from Diqing Prefecture of Yunnan Province to Daocheng County through Xiangcheng County of Sichuan Province.

Chengdu - Daocheng, Xinnanmen station, 10:00 a.m. every day, the fare is 241 yuan, the journey is two days, more than 800 kilometers. Among them, they will stay in Kangding for one night (accommodation for self-care), and continue to set out at 6 am the next day, about 14 hours by car. Tickets can be bought two days in advance.

Chengdu Kangding, Xinnanmen station, 7:10-14:30 a day (one hour), the fare is about 120 yuan, about 7-8 hours; Kangding Daocheng, 6:00 a day (one trip), the fare is 125 yuan, which is not easy to buy.

Daocheng, Kangding / Chengdu, departs at 6:00 a.m. every day. The bus to Kangding is 14 hours on schedule, and the bus to Chengdu is 22 hours on schedule.

Daocheng Zhongdian (shangri la) departs at 6:00 a.m. every day. The fare is 113 yuan. It's 12 hours on time. The road condition is better than Daocheng to Kangding.

(3) chartered car

Generally, you can take a bus to Kangding first, and then choose to charter.

Kangding - Daocheng, car sharing 250-300 yuan / person. Bread business car can be as low as 250, 10 people a car, off-road car average 300, 6 people a car. It is recommended to choose off-road for carpooling, with better shock absorption performance.

Daocheng - Kangding, the price of car sharing on the return journey is almost the same, directly from Daocheng to Chengdu, 500 yuan / person.

Daocheng Yading, 100 yuan / person for minibus, shuttle, usually directly contact with the hotel owner.

(4) loop line

West Sichuan Ring Road: Chengdu Ya'an Luding (Hailuogou) - Kangding Xinduqiao Litang Daocheng Xinduqiao Tagong Danba Siguniangshan Chengdu.

Great Shangri La Ring Road: Chengdu Kangding Daocheng Yading Daocheng Shangri La Deqin (Meili Snow Mountain) - Shangri La Lijiang Dali Kunming

Daocheng Yading tourism accommodation strategy:

It is mainly concentrated in three areas: Daocheng County, Yading village and riwa township (Shangri La township). Accommodation can choose to travel around the world short rent in advance to book a room!

Daocheng County is 110 kilometers away from the scenic spot, with good conditions. There are standard rooms, with a price of 100 yuan / room in off-season. Yading village is 4 kilometers away from the entrance of the scenic spot, and most of the accommodation is the renovation of the open houses, with less standard rooms, with 120 yuan / room, and 40 yuan / person for ordinary beds. It is not allowed to take a bath. Riwa township is more than 30 kilometers away from the scenic spot, with many star hotels, but it is not recommended to live here.

Youth Hostel: Aden community, Daocheng mother and snail backpack, etc.

Residence: it's similar to the third brother Jiang's. it sells beds and has 20 yuan / person for each group meal. You can rub matsutake and stew chicken.