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We must avoid these pits during the double eleven Festival

We must avoid these pits during the double eleven Festival in a few hours, the double 11 festival you are looking forward to will come. Before that, the advertisements, discounts, discounts and red envelopes of various e-commerce companies have made many people lose their way. Buying and buying have become a hot topic recently, but there are also many holes in it, making people defenseless. You must polish your eyes.

In order to let consumers buy satisfactory products and avoid consumer disputes, Daxing Industrial and commercial group hereby reminds consumers to pay attention to the following points:

1. Rational consumption is beneficial

When shopping, consumers should keep calm and not consume impulsively. They should consume rationally according to their actual needs. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the fact that during the "double 11" period, due to the heavy logistics pressure, there may be a delay in receiving goods, and payment should be made after receiving the goods, never in advance; if the platform system cannot receive the goods even when the payment period is about to expire, the seller can be contacted actively to extend the payment period.

2. Awareness of prevention is indispensable

When shopping, you should choose a large-scale shopping website with a certain scale and good reputation, and try to choose the merchants who express their business license in the website; be careful to choose the website that pops up abnormally for consumption, and don't click the strange website links at will; don't trust some 'low price' and 'discount' propaganda, and compare the three to prevent the merchants from 'raising the price first and then reducing the price'; read the transaction rules carefully before consumption In order to better protect the rights in case of disputes, it is necessary to introduce and explain the goods and understand the after-sales service information to the seller in detail; do not trust the oral commitment of the seller; in the process of consumption, it is necessary to keep good shopping vouchers, keep chat records, publicity pages and other evidences.

3. See the deposit clearly

When paying the advance payment, you should understand the nature of the advance payment and place an order carefully. If it is a deposit, once the consumer cancels the purchase, the money will not be refunded.

4. No reason to return goods

When purchasing goods, pay attention to whether the purchased goods support 7-day return without reason. Digital goods, such as audio-visual products and computer software, which are customized, fresh and perishable by consumers, downloaded online or opened by consumers, newspapers and periodicals delivered, and goods that consumers confirm should not be returned when they purchase, shall not be returned without reason, and the returned goods shall be in good condition. Special attention should be paid to that when there is no reason to return the goods, the freight of the goods is borne by the consumers.

5. Check the goods before signing

After receiving the goods, be sure to check whether the goods are damaged or not in front of the express delivery personnel, and sign when there is no problem, and try not to let others collect them. In case of any problem, take photos on site, reject the goods and negotiate with the merchants in time.

6. Don't panic in case of dispute

In case of problems in consumption, consumers can first contact with merchants to solve them. In case of failure to reach an agreement, they can apply to customer service of the third-party platform for rights protection. If the problem still cannot be solved, you can complain to the local industry and Commerce Department where the third-party platform is located or the local industry and Commerce Department where the business is located.

Here, two common third-party platforms are introduced to consumers: 1. Jingdong Mall is under the jurisdiction of economic and Technological Development Zone Branch of Beijing Administration for Industry and commerce; 2. Taobao and tmall mall platforms are under the jurisdiction of Yuhang District market supervision and Management Bureau of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

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