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How many days of national second birth leave in 2017? 2017 national new regulations on maternity pay

Now the two child policy is open. For expectant mothers who want to have two children, the first thing to face is to deal with the relationship between maternity leave and work, because as long as they are prepared in advance in the workplace, they can have no worries about maternity leave. But how to calculate the salary of maternity leave? Is the second child maternity leave more than before? Let's take a look at these common sense problems together with small editors of!

New regulations on maternity pay in 2017

First, maternity leave, salary according to sick wig

The maternity leave is issued by the doctor, so the salary is paid according to the treatment of sick leave.

Second, prenatal leave, 80% salary

If you are pregnant for more than 7 months, if you have a work permit, you can apply for two and a half months' prenatal leave with the approval of your company. In some cases, leave is required by local laws and regulations, and the unit shall approve the leave, and the salary shall be 80% of the employee's actual monthly salary.

Third, maternity leave and maternity allowance

The maternity leave includes: 98 days + 30 days (late childbearing) + 15 days (dystocia) + 15 days (multiple births with each additional baby), receiving the birth allowance. Maternity allowance is subsidized by the state to enterprises to pay wages during maternity leave, but its calculation method is related to the declared wage base of the company in the social security department, so the actual maternity allowance and maternity leave wage are not equal, so there is a regulation: maternity leave wage and maternity allowance are highly paid, which is simply:

1. If the employee's maternity leave salary (i.e. the employee's actual monthly salary standard, the same below) is higher than the maternity allowance, it is OK to pay the employee according to the maternity leave salary, and the maternity allowance will be returned to the enterprise.

2. If the employee's maternity leave salary is lower than the maternity allowance, the employee can be paid according to the maternity leave salary first, then the maternity allowance will be paid down, and the difference between the maternity leave salary and the maternity allowance will be supplied to the employee, and the rest will be returned to the enterprise.

Fourth, breastfeeding leave: 80% of the salary for six and a half months, and 70% for the extended period

After childbearing, if there is any difficulty and work permit for female employees, the application shall be made by the female employees themselves. With the approval of the unit, they can apply for six and a half months of breast-feeding leave. The salary shall be 80% of the employee's previous monthly actual salary, and 70% of the extended period.

How is it different from the past:

1. The male compatriots who are fathers can get 5 more paid holidays.

2. For mom, the situation is different. Previously, female maternity leave was generally 98 days basic maternity leave + 35 days only child leave + 15 days late childbearing leave = 148 days. After adjustment, it is 98 days of basic maternity leave + 30 days of family planning bonus (i.e. within two children) leave = 128 days, 20 days less than that. However, for mothers who did not enjoy the one-child leave (such as' superbirth ') and late childbearing leave (such as' early childbearing') before, the maternity leave was increased by 30 days.

3. The 30 day family planning bonus leave is applicable to both the first and second children. For the mother who has two children, the maternity leave for the second child has also increased by 30 days! The 128 day maternity leave can be taken in duplicate!