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What do you give to your girlfriend on the double 11

What do you give to your girlfriend on the double 11 a man of science and technology in Shanxi sends chocolate to the goddess to express his love. The girl sends back 1 onion and 1 garlic. Which onion do you have? I believe that all the people who eat melon can't close their legs with laughter, and ask for the shadow area in the heart of the man of science and technology. So, to say it, it's a matter of time, place, and people. It's just a matter of failure for either party. Now the experts have a good idea. Let's see how to express your love with half the effort.

In devil dating, we divide expression into three kinds according to function: relational expression, emotional expression and rational expression. Each expression has different scope of application.

Among them, relational expression and emotional expression are more common, but the most important and unknown is the third kind of expression - rational expression.

Relationship expression: indicates the ultimate purpose of your relationship with her (being a boyfriend or girlfriend or getting married).

Features: the female side has expectations or concerns. I'm afraid you are not serious. I hope you have a clear attitude.

Emotional expression: express how much you like her.

Features: the girl has a certain sense of security and is willing to listen to sweet words.

Rational expression: express your objective views on this relationship, both positive and negative. For example, I like you, but I also know that we are not suitable. These problems are 1, 2, 3, 4 & hellip; hellip;. I am not sure what will happen in the future. I just want you to know how I feel now.

Features: the girl is tangled in contradictions, and you are not attracted to her.

Secret script of warming up love: rational expression

Let's talk about the female psychology in this state. Some people are worried that if you say to a girl, 'I'm not sure what will happen in the future', will it appear that you are shirking your responsibilities and have no confidence in the future?

In the relationships that need rational expression, women are generally not in a weak position. They have their own judgment on each other and the relationship, and they also know your ability range. So at this time, it is more meaningful for them to see that you are clear about the status quo than you are confident about the future, which can bring more security to girls.

By the way, women's sense of security can not only help her solve problems, but also fully understand her feelings and needs. If you really have the ability to solve problems is better, but the reality is often not satisfactory, so at this time, a calm and objective man can bring more security to girls than a blind and optimistic man.

There are three main points for rational expression:

1. Rationally, I know I'm not enough and I can give up

2. From the feeling, I am attracted by you. I am willing to live in the present

3. As for the choice of rationality or sensibility, I will accept it if you decide (or let heaven decide).

The psychological basis for rational expression to be effective is: for the unpredictable future, women's refusal is easy to accept, so you need to bypass the choice of the future and let her be between rationality and sensibility. In this case, women are more likely to be sensibility, but only if you are rational (how to deal with the worst situation in the future) and she is not opposed, and many of them have opportunities but fail Confessions are often due to future conflicts (one says' yes' and the other says' no ').

Conditions for rational expression

1. Have certain attraction

Have you ever had a good relationship before?

2. Opportunities for communication

Is she in the mood to listen to you now?

3. Dialogue with specific situations

It's better to let her go first & hellip; & hellip;

Because the content of rational expression is more logical, only when a woman pays attention to you (is interested in you or just wants to see your reaction after saying something to you) can she listen to it carefully.

In a word, confession is not a call to go forward without hesitation, it is not a clarion call for charge, not a fireworks for victory, but a gradual progress. The content of confession is not always giving and taking, but also sacrifice and compromise. The rational way is flexible. It can be "I want" or "I don't want". The wonderful thing about love is that when a man is rational in the face of a difficult situation, a woman will feel it.

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