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About 3500 cost-effective computer recommendations

About 3500 cost-effective computer recommendations although in the past two years, mobile phones have only exploded, replacing most of the notebook work, but when it comes to real office or document processing, the role of notebook computers is irreplaceable. It's really a hassle for Xiaobai people to choose computers. Many people who don't have high demand for computers can actually buy a good notebook around 3500, and the following is small The editor will recommend some high cost-effective notebooks around 3500 to you, hoping to be helpful for your purchase.

To be honest, about 3500 laptops are only competent for watching videos, listening to music, processing documents and playing some simple games. If you want to buy a game book, the budget is relatively poor. It's better to equip with i7 processor and high-end video card with high-resolution model, which is only suitable for simple office workers of the student party.

Millet Air

Reference price: 3499

This notebook is made of all metal body. The screen size is 12.5 inches. The resolution is up to 1920 * 1080. The screen frame is only 5.71mm, which has a good visual effect. The CPU adopts core m3 6y30, and the graphics card is an integrated graphics card with shared memory capacity. 4GB memory meets the general requirements of video office, with a thickness of only 12.9mm and a weight of 1.07kg. Pre installed is the win10 system to meet various needs. In addition, this notebook also has a small function that it can unlock with millet Bracelet 2 without any operation. The only disadvantage is Millet's common feature: poor heat dissipation, a little longer use time will be more hot!

Lenovo Tianyi 310-15isk reference price: 3499

Now it's very convenient to buy things, but it's troublesome to repair them. Lenovo's after-sales service has always been very good. This notebook has a 15.6-inch screen, core i5-6200u CPU, 2G single display IBS composite material, and a thin blade design. The thickness of the whole notebook is 22.89mm, and the weight is 2.3kg. The mechanical hard disk with 500g can be equipped with a solid-state hard disk and a DVD recorder, which can meet the needs of browsing the disc, with excellent performance and is worth purchasing.

HP 15-ac195tx

Reference price: 3499

HP 15-ac195tx has a 15.6-inch screen, core i5-6200u CPU, amd R5 M430 graphics card, 2GB display memory, 4GB memory, exquisite design, high quality workmanship and good sound quality. The price performance ratio is also very good. The long battery life is worth starting with. There is a small disadvantage that there is no indicator light when starting up, it is not easy to distinguish whether to start up or not, and the noise of mechanical hard disk is larger than other solid-state hard disks.

Samsung NP 910s3l-m06

Reference price: 3199

Samsung NP 910s3l-m06 is a light and thin notebook launched by Samsung. It has a beautiful appearance and a solid portable workmanship. It uses a 13.3-inch FHD high clear screen. The CPU is Intel's six generation 3855u. The integrated graphics card is equipped with 128G solid-state hard disk. The over speed power on body is only 17.95mm and weighs 1.34kg, which is convenient to carry. It is very suitable for girls to like the pre installed win10 system. And there is a switch on function (can be closed) is very practical, the small disadvantage is that the screen brightness is lower in the daytime, where the light is strong, the screen is darker. On the whole, it's a good opportunity.

ASUS / ASUS R r417sa3160

Reference price: 3399

ASUS R r417sa3160 adopts 14 inch mirror screen equipped with celeron-n3160 processor, core graphics card, 4GB memory, and 512g large capacity solid-state drive. It only takes 7 seconds to power on, high-speed reading and writing, zero noise. No CD-ROM. Battery life needs to be strengthened. It's not suitable for playing large-scale games. If you download more things, you will have a small card. Choose carefully.