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Can cashmere coats be washed by hand? How to clean cashmere coat without deformation?

The cold winter cashmere coat is a kind of clothes that many people prefer to wear. It is light and thin and has a very good warm keeping effect. So can the cashmere coat be washed by itself? How can the cashmere coat be washed without deformation?

How should cashmere coats be washed by themselves?

1. Pat the dust off the coat with your hands, or use a special dust removal tool for cashmere coat to remove some dust.

2. Prepare a proper amount of warm water or cold water, at least not more than the coat.

3. Add neutral detergent or natural soap solution into the water, and the amount shall not be too much. It's better to use special detergent for wool, avoid adding enzyme or chemical auxiliaries containing bleaching and dyeing property, lotion and shampoo, so as to prevent erosion and discoloration.

4, if the dirt is serious, soak in soapy soap at 35 C for 15 minutes for -20 minutes.

5. Gently pat and knead with hand, do not knead to avoid pilling or felting.

6. Wash it with 35 ℃ - 40 ℃ warm water for two or three times. Put some vinegar or softener in the final clear water. It will feel better.

7. Press the washed cashmere coat with hand to squeeze out the water

8. Then lay flat to dry, do not hang to dry, so as to avoid deformation.

9. If the cashmere coat is not worn after washing, it can be put on the plastic bag and hung in the wardrobe.

How to wash the cashmere coat at home without deformation? First, make it smooth before drying, which is beneficial to prevent the deformation of the cashmere coat. Secondly, wet towel can be padded on the cashmere coat and ironed with a medium temperature (about 140 ℃) iron, which can also make the cashmere coat smooth without deformation.

Note: some cashmere surface has fluff standing upright, and flat ironing will make the Suede Flat and die. Therefore, some brands of women's cashmere overcoats can't bear flat ironing, and can only be shaped by using a human like steam engine.