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What food can uric acid high eat to alleviate? What does uric acid high eat?

When the blood uric acid value is within the normal range, it plays an indispensable role in maintaining the normal physiological function of the human body, but if it exceeds the standard, it is easy to cause urinary stones, gout and many other diseases, so what food can be reduced if the uric acid is high? Follow the small edition of to learn the latest health knowledge.

First, let us know what is called 'uric acid'. Uric acid is not something in urine. It is an essential substance in the blood. It is mainly a nucleic acid formed by the metabolism of purine and self synthesis of human body. Therefore, its full name should be 'blood uric acid'.

When the blood uric acid value is within the normal range, it plays an indispensable role in maintaining the normal physiological function of the human body. But if it exceeds the standard (more than 420 & mu; mol / L for men, more than 360 & mu; mol / L for women), it will form 'hyperuricemia'. Hyperuricemia will bring a lot of harm to the body, causing gout, kidney stones, interstitial nephritis, urinary stones and other diseases.

20% of the 'uric acid' in human blood comes from the intake of exogenous purine, 80% from the synthesis of self; for the excretion of excess uric acid in the body, 80% is excreted through the kidney through urine, 20% is excreted by intestine, sweat and other ways.

Let's talk about what we can eat more to 'reduce uric acid'?

1. Diuretic food: low purine and diuretic food is the 'natural enemy' of high uric acid. Vegetables such as winter melon, balsam pear, white radish, etc., others such as' job's tears, mung beans, red beans, watermelon, corn ', etc. Because 80% of uric acid is excreted through the kidney, the diuretic food can promote the excretion of urine more, which has a good effect on reducing uric acid.

2. Acerola cherry powder: Brazil acerola cherry may not be familiar to you, but it is the 'King of nutrients' in the fruit, which is rich in natural vitamin C more than ten times of kiwifruit, and also contains vitamin K and other nutrients to promote the absorption of vitamin C. foreign research shows that eating more Brazil acerola cherry or acerola cherry powder can promote and repair the health of renal tubules, which are kidneys It is the main organ that metabolizes uric acid in the viscera. Therefore, it has a very good effect on promoting the excretion of uric acid and reducing the value of uric acid.

3. Foods rich in dietary fiber: such as' bamboo shoots, sweet potatoes, celery, loofah 'and so on. Why eat more of this kind of food? Dietary fiber has a very good effect on promoting defecation and expelling toxins from the body. Therefore, eat more foods rich in dietary fiber, ensure normal defecation every day, and effectively reduce uric acid.

4. The food for nourishing the kidney: the "tonifying the kidney" here is not suitable for "invigorating the Yang". Don't take all kinds of waists as shape tonic. This kind of food is high purine food, and high uric acid patients should be forbidden to eat. You can eat more 'yam, broccoli, onion, mulberry, dried fruit' and other foods at ordinary times. These foods help to nourish the kidney, improve the amount of uric acid excreted by the kidney, so as to achieve the effect of reducing high uric acid.

In a word, "less intake, more discharge" is the best way to reduce high uric acid. In addition, proper exercise and more drinking water are all effective ways to reduce uric acid in daily life. If necessary, under the guidance of doctors, proper medication control is also necessary.