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How much is the penalty for running a red light? What are the circumstances of running a red light w

Generally speaking, there is a need to deduct points and fines when a vehicle runs a red light, but in special circumstances, there is no deduction or fine. Do you know what special circumstances are? Traffic police note: in these four cases, there is no penalty for 'running a red light'!

According to the new traffic regulations, if a motor vehicle runs a red light, it can be charged 6 points and fined 100 yuan.

1. The front wheel presses the line and stops in time

If there is a big car in front of you and you can't see the signal light, you should keep a reasonable follow-up distance, and suddenly the front wheels of your car have been pressed. You don't need to worry about it at this time, because it's not like running a red light. And only by the electronic police to take three photos, it will be judged as a red light running behavior.

2. Courtesy to vehicles of special types of work

You stop at the intersection waiting for the red light, but you need to make way for ambulances, fire trucks, police cars and other special types of vehicles behind you. This situation belongs to the courtesy of special types of vehicles and running the red light. After receiving the information of violation punishment sent by the traffic police team, the driver can go to the traffic police team to explain the situation or apply for administrative reconsideration, and then the violation record and score can be revoked.

3. Follow the cart and run the red light by mistake

Driving in the rear, you are blocked by the big car in front of you. What you haven't found at the beginning, you can only know after following the car in front and running the red light by mistake. At this time, you can also go to the traffic police team to apply for administrative reconsideration, or you can revoke the violation record and refund points.

4. In case of conflict between signal light and traffic police command gesture

When you see the traffic police at the intersection of the signal lights, you have to drive in strict accordance with their instructions. When your eyes are shining brightly, if you find that the traffic police's command gestures and signal lights are inconsistent, you should also drive in accordance with the traffic police's command. If you still receive the red light violation information, of course, you can go to the traffic police team to apply for administrative reconsideration, but also a correct statement.