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How to get rid of wrinkles

How to get rid of wrinkles I'm afraid that women are the most afraid of old people in the world. They are already worried before the wrinkles come out. This kind of careful thinking is self-protection, so there is no practical and effective way to eliminate wrinkles and repair wrinkles. Let's take a look at the following tips to remove wrinkles.

Nip wrinkles in the bud

1. Generally, wrinkles start from expression lines. Once you don't pay attention to the fine dry lines, it is likely that deep and difficult wrinkles will appear gradually. According to the characteristics of wrinkles and period specific care, can have good results. Try not to wait until the formation of deep wrinkles before care, and avoid using thick foundation so as not to make wrinkles feel heavier, it is best to use water replenishing function better, more delicate foundation.

2. Massage to remove small dry lines

Remove small dry lines can be appropriate for facial massage. The fine lines on the edge of the eyes can be applied to the middle finger abdomen, and the eyelids can be slid slightly, from the inside to the outside, six or seven times a time. The fine lines of the mouth can make the belly of middle finger and ring finger slide from the bottom to the top of the lips.

3. Chewing can also remove wrinkles

Chewing also helps to make the skin beautiful, especially chewing gum. Chewing gum for a quarter of an hour every day can help to remove wrinkles. In the process of chewing, the muscles on the face are moved, greatly promoting blood circulation and metabolism of human skin tissue, making the face skin smooth and healthy.

4. Remove wrinkles with rice grains

I don't think you've heard of rice wrinkle removal at home. In fact, the effect of rice wrinkle removal is very good. First of all, we select some of the cooked rice to be soft, then knead it into a ball, and gently knead it in the wrinkled area of the face, so that the grease and dirt in the pores of the skin can be sucked out. About 10 minutes, the rice balls will become greasy and dirty black, which shows that rice balls All the dirty things in our skin are sucked out, and then clean the face with water.

5. Chicken bone wrinkle removal

As a result of long-term friction and radiation, our skin slowly loses its elasticity, and wrinkles also slowly increase. Today, what I want to tell you is that we can make our skin more elastic by using a large amount of chondroitin sulfate contained in chicken skin and chicken cartilage. First of all, we wash the leftover chicken bones and use them to make soup. After drinking, we will make your skin more elastic The white and tender, delicate, the key is to adhere to, we adhere to a period of time skin wrinkles will slowly subside.

6. Life tips to remove wrinkles

Proper use of natural anti wrinkle and beauty products. The most convenient is to clean the watermelon skin, gently wipe the face, can remove dirt and fine lines. In addition, drinking tea properly can make full use of the natural beauty ingredients in tea.

In the morning, drinking honey from Sophora or jujube flowers on an empty stomach can prevent wrinkles and expel toxins, but women with colder constitution should pay more attention. Beer is a kind of alcohol with less alcohol. Proper drinking is helpful for digestion, dispelling fire and clearing heat. The vitamin B and protein contained in beer are helpful for skin beauty.

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