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Where is the highest post office in the world? Challenge human survival limit

Do you know where the post office with the highest altitude is? The road to Mount Everest is winding and climbing all the way, not to mention the people who just went to Tibet for tourism, so high altitude is a great challenge, but there is still a post office under such bad conditions, which is just breaking the limit of human survival!

At the foot of Everest, located in No.1 base camp with an altitude of 5200 meters, there is a post office known as "the highest altitude in the world". The annual business hours are from April 15 to October 15. During the business period, in addition to selling all kinds of postcards, postal products, souvenirs, etc. with Everest and local characteristics, it can also start businesses such as letters, express parcels, etc., with direct business to the world.

Tourists show their postcards and prepare to send them to their relatives and friends through Everest post office. In June 2017, the new Everest post office changed from the former tent to container type, which is more solid. Everest post office was first established in May 2001, and so far it is the highest postal service network in the world.

Every summer, it is the peak tourist season of Everest. Tourists rush to the post office window of Everest to buy postcards, stamp them and send them to all over the world.

Although the office environment of Everest post office is just a simple green container, its function is perfect and its bad environment is not easy.

Everest post office is located in No. 1 base camp, and the far away Everest is looming under the cover of clouds.