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Who are the stars and guests of tmall's double 11 Party announced in the program of 2017 tmall's dou

Four Seas network news, 'LeBron & middot; James is coming to the double 11 party, but I can't go to the scene!' these two days, tmall has released the list of stars to participate in the double 11 party, and fans are boiling. So who are the stars in this year's tmall double 11 party? The list of star guests of tmall's double 11 party is announced, which is absolutely brilliant!

Tmall's double 11 party is in its third year. It's amazing in the first year. There are many ways to play in the second year. What about the third year? Will it play the star card? Yesterday, the reporter visited the scene of this year's double 11 party in advance and disclosed more details of the party exclusively.

"Emmy Award" dance designer design

Oscar's Lightman does it himself

This year's tmall double 11 party will be held in the Mercedes Benz cultural center in Shanghai on the evening of November 10. Yesterday, the stage of the party was basically completed. The main stage was designed as the head of tmall, with a height of two meters.

The scene, the lights and the dancing are in place. Ferian middot Vader is a world-class dance designer and an International Emmy Award winner. In his nearly 30 years of dance design career, he has participated in numerous international well-known programs, such as European singing competition, European music awards, British talent show, American talent show, etc. Lighting engineer Bobby Dickinson has a larger span. He has done talk shows, news interviews, and music awards ceremonies, such as Oscar and Emmy Awards. He is also a lighting designer for the opening and closing ceremonies of Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, Shanghai 2010 World Expo, Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games and other major events.

This year, these big guys came to Shanghai with their teams and personally designed the double 11 party. I believe that this year's party will be very shocking at the beginning.

Nicole and Middleton Kidman will come to the stage

The essence of Gong Shou Dao will be broadcast.

Every year, tmall's double 11 carnival night is full of stars. This year is no exception. There are Zhang Ziyi, Wu Yifan, Li Yuchun, Mo Wenwei, Lang Lang Lang, etc. in China.

And Hollywood superstars and super sports. For example, Jessie J, the best singer of the British Music Award, will bring his famous song "price tag" as well as mysterious programs. Grammy's best pop singer Farrell & middot; Williams will sing the song "happy double 11" by Wu Yifan and perform "in that far away place" by Lang Lang Lang. Maria Sharapova, the popular king of women's tennis' full slam 'and Luis middot Figo, the world's footballer, will also come to the party. Basketball superstar LeBron & middot; James is more likely to show up at the party in an 'unexpected' way.

Nicole & middot; Kidman will come to the stage and may perform with Ma Yun. Ma Yun's first film "Gong Shou Dao" will show the essence of the 7 minute show at the party.

This year's double 11 party, "global business card" will be a bigger highlight. You can see the tap dance from Ireland, the basketball performance from the NBA, the Austrian ventriloquist troupe, the robot dance from Germany and so on.

'we don't want to turn the party into an annual singing and dancing party, but to create a cultural card. "Po Tian, general manager of the party and Alibaba cloud, told Qian Bao.

Tmall Elves as the host

Fan Bingbing crosses your home in a flash

In the view of spirit, this year's party is complicated because half of it is content and half of it is technology.

For example, Fan Bingbing will step off the stage and shuttle to your home in an instant. The principle is to project stars into real scenes through AR technology. At that time, the audience just click the button on the mobile phone, and they will be able to 'invite' the star to their home to interact.

In addition to "sending" the stars to your home, we should also "pick" you up "to the scene of the party. It is reported that virtual audience seats have been specially opened on the site. You can watch the live broadcast of the party at any time when you open your hand at home. You can also enjoy the exclusive viewing angle of the opening ceremony and the real entrance ceremony realized by CG animation + Ar virtual technology, just like you are at the scene of the party.

The identity of the mysterious host has also been revealed. It is a 'tmall Genie robot' jointly built by Ali artificial intelligence laboratory and Ali fish. The robot is about 1 meter tall. It can predict the user's behavior and password according to the human posture and voice tone, and give feedback to the user's conversation content.

In the interactive link, intelligent robots also replace the game props of the past. For example, there will be a man-machine battle, robot goal, star shooting, who is more powerful.

'in my opinion, although it's called a party, we are aiming at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. 'the spirit of heaven says.

We have also heard about the prizes that everyone cares about. This year's party will last 260 minutes, with a total prize pool of 270 million yuan. That is to say, more than 1 million prizes will be given out every minute. The lottery is the same as last year's, with one shake and one yuan purchase. The prizes include Subaru automobile, sharp TV, vivo mobile phone, flying pig Antarctic Tour, etc.