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Sichuan Heishui tourism strategy

2018 Heishui travel strategy, Heishui self-help travel strategy, Heishui travel strategy, travel notes, let's have a look with Xiaobian~

Sichuan is a beautiful place. The living economy of Chengdu is now in the second tier cities! In the college entrance examination some time ago, my little cousin wanted to go to university in Sichuan whenever he wanted. The charming scenery always made him yearn for a long time. Jiuzhaigou is the most beautiful natural resource in the north of Sichuan, but in the west of Sichuan, how can we see Heishui today.

In late autumn, the Western Sichuan Plateau is like a big palette. The colorful valleys are beautiful and heartbreaking, such as Jiuzhaigou, Xinduqiao and miyaro.

Heishui County, which you don't know, is so beautiful! But this small town has the largest red leaf forest in Asia, the highest cableway in the world and the highest coffee shop in the world. There are mountains and grasslands with flocks of cattle and sheep, snow mountains and Haizi with beautiful paintings in spring, summer and autumn, and high mountain Tibetan villages that are more dazzling than rainbows.

Blackwater scenery inventory

1. There is a more fascinating glacier forest than Jiuzhai. It is located in Dagu glacier, the most attractive new scenic spot in Sichuan, the best resort tourism destination in Sichuan, the best red leaf viewing destination, China's colorful glacier, ice and snow paradise, photography paradise and other titles. It is praised by the famous writer Alai as' the nearest distant 'Dagu glacier, which can be said to be another bright spot in Western Sichuan after Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong bright pearl.

For thousands of years, she was like a fairy living in a deep mountain. She was not known to the world until 1992, when Japanese scientists discovered her beauty hidden in the mountains.

There is also a bike sharing station here, riding through the most beautiful cycling road in China. All the way is picturesque and romantic!

2. There is the most beautiful and free Cailin Gallery in Asia

It's in the milk ditch

Qian Zhenyue, a national expert in tourism and landscape planning, once said: "I went all over the country to look for red leaves, and finally found them in Heishui. The area and color of red leaves here are the largest in the world. '

The essence of the black water forest is in the milk ditch. With a great reputation, it is also more beautiful than the famous Jiuzhaigou, Daocheng Aden and Xindu bridge.

Milk ditch is 80 miles long, under the holy snow mountain, beside the ancient Tibetan village and beside the winding river.. 80 Li milk ditch, 80 Li everywhere are color galleries, as if God upset the palette.

And along the road, there are no tickets, no fees, here is pure beauty, leisurely cattle and sheep, simple villagers, and all the beautiful.

3. There is a secret place which is as famous as Jiuzhai

It's called kalonggou

It is said that in ancient times, there were three fairies. After they fell into the mortal world, the elder sister became Jiuzhai, the second sister became Huanglong, and the youngest sister became kalonggou.

The beauty of kalonggou can be seen.

Thousands of crystal clear calcified color pools, the first calcified slope in Asia, colorful Alpine mosses, Kalong gather the charm of Jiuzhai and the dream of Huanglong, but they have unique beauty that they don't have.

From the mouth of kalonggou to zhimulin River, there is a 60 mile colorful forest in kalonggou. Although it is not as long as the 80 mile colorful forest in naizigou, it is also in autumn that all the layers of forest are dyed. The beauty on both sides of the valley makes people reluctant to leave.

And because the development is not perfect, there is no crowd here. If you advocate self-help travel, you can take advantage of the lack of people.

4. Here is the sleeping holy land that the Red Army has crossed

It is the san'ao snow mountain, which is composed of three snow mountains, namely aotaimei, aotaiji and aotina. It is like a holy land for sleeping and a holy mountain for local people to pray for. Its uncanny craftsmanship is far beyond your imagination. One of the most suitable for otana as an entry-level climbing snow mountain, if you are interested in mountaineering, you might as well use it to get started. At the foot of the mountain is an alpine meadow, and at the hillside is a wild forest. In autumn, red leaves spread the mountain, and yellow birches are like fire. Through the colorful forest, you can feel the magnificence of life on the snow mountain, which is intoxicating.

At the dawn, the clouds and fog surround the mountains, and the beautiful scenery of Rizhao Jinshan can be seen at a glance!

The most unforgettable thing for urban people is to see a vast and magnificent Galaxy feast on the snow mountain with an altitude of 4-5 km. The beauty is unimaginable only by photos.

5. There are 13 centuries old temples here. It is called deqinglang temple. Built in the 8th century, deqinglang temple has gone through 13 centuries. It is the largest temple in Heishui, and it is also a very famous temple. Every day, Tibetans come here. The mysterious and full of pure Tibetan Buddhism here silently makes people's faith depend on, which is very ancient and charming.

6. There is a paradise where immortals live

It's called yoohard

In Tibetan, it is the place where immortals live. It is located in the core area of naizigou, the most beautiful Cailin in China. It is surrounded by icebergs and colorful forests, surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing water on one side.

If you come here in autumn, it's really like coming to heaven! Some netizens have commented that Yangrong hade is "the highest Tibetan village in China.". In this village, almost every house is a B & B, and the decoration of every house is like a five-star hotel. In the wooden house, there is a Tibetan aesthetic feeling that can't be found in ordinary families. There are mountains and water, fresh air, simple customs, Guozhuang and wine. It's very pleasant to meet your family and three or five friends for three or five days.

7. Here is the first village named after wild animals. It's called Seergu. In Heishui, there is a Tibetan village called secret place. Because of its primitive and pure nature, it's really exciting. It's Sergu.

In the local language, 'se'er' refers to leopard, and 'Gu' means' Wolf '. It is said that this is because there used to be many wild animals here, and se'er Gu became the first village named after wild animals.

In addition, it is also the first recorded village in the upper reaches of Minjiang River. It is the only reincarnation holy land of the great magic king in Aba Prefecture. It is the first village where all the people are soldiers. For thousands of years, it has always preserved the most primitive culture.

Here, in the winding lane shuttle, feel the stagnation of time, meet a local old man, listen to him tell a story, keep the most beautiful here.

8. Here is the most colorful Tibetan village in Tibet

It's called colorful Jiazu. It's located on the side of S302 highway. There's a stockade more beautiful than the colorful forest in autumn - colorful Jiazu. There are only 81 families, and the main colors of each family are not repeated. The colorful armour creates the most gorgeous Tibetan village with colors. This village is now like a rainbow hidden in the valley. Here, every corner is a fresh color shock. Living here for two days is really like living in a rainbow.

Five day tour or multi day tour

D1: starting from Chengdu, you can visit Sergu Tibetan village, Red Army Luhua meeting site, experience Tibetan food and panoramic view of the county (live in the county)

D2: visit Dagu iceberg, yakesha National Forest Park (auspicious naizigou, kangyangrong, red Changde, colorful Jiazu), (live in kangyangrong or county)

D3: visit hamu lake, Sanao snow mountain colorful forest area, zegai town (live in the county)

D4: you zhimulin, Cailin and kalonggou (live in Kalong)

D5: visit the Red Army Grand Canyon, return to Chengdu