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What about the white spots on goldfish? What disease does goldfish have?

Many people raise goldfish specially to increase their vitality, but many friends will find little white spots growing on goldfish in the process of raising goldfish, and the goldfish will die soon. What's going on with the white spots on goldfish? How to prevent them?

The reason why goldfish have white spots:

The white spots on goldfish are caused by protozoa. The pathogen is called the white spot insect, which can penetrate into skin cells and reproduce asexually to form small white dot like cysts. The whole body of goldfish suffering from this disease is covered with white spots. Each white spot cell contains a lot of young white spot insects. The white spot insects grow up and increase the number by absorbing the nutrition of the fish tissues. Later, they break the sac and come out, swim in the water, and then return to the fish body to attack the skin, forming more small white spots. In the early stage of the disease, the sick fish will rub hard objects with their bodies, hoping to remove the nasty pathogens from their bodies. If they are not treated immediately, the sick fish will be severely damaged and die.

How to treat the white spots on goldfish

1. Raise the water temperature to 28 degrees, and the cyst will gradually break and fall off in a few days. Then replace with new water, keep the water temperature constant, and the basic skills of the sick fish will be cured.

2. Choose 0.05-0.07% concentration of Red Mercury solution, water bath sick fish for 5-15 minutes, or drop 3-10 drops of Red Mercury solution into 100 * 50 * 45cm aquarium for 2-3 days, with good effect.

3. Drop several drops of diluted mercurous nitrate solution into 10 kg water, and the effect of 5-10 minutes or 125 kg water is significant. Mercurous nitrate should be used once because of its strong properties. If it is used repeatedly, it will cause the fins of fish to rot.

4. Put the furacilin powder with the size of soya bean in the water-soluble 50kg aquarium, dilute it and sprinkle it in the water. The medicated bath fish also has certain effect.

5. Soak the new brick in the urine for 24 hours, take it out to dry (called the urine brick in ancient times), put it into the tank of the sick fish, and it will be effective in a few days.

Prevention methods of goldfish white spot disease:

1. When changing water, pay attention to the excessive temperature difference, resulting in the fish 'cold', so that the disease and insect can damage the fish.

2. Make full use of the weakness that the larvae can die by themselves if they can't find the host after 24 hours. The water for goldfish should be used after exposure or standing for 2-3 days. This is one of the best ways to prevent the disease.

3. According to the proportion of 0.05-0.1g mercurous nitrate per cubic meter of water, or when the water temperature is below 15 ℃, put 0.01g mercurous nitrate into 50kg of water, wash the sick fish in a bath for about 0.5-1 hour, then wash it with new isothermal water, and then put it back into the disinfected NEW pool, add green water slightly, and then rest. However, it should be noted that mercurous nitrate is toxic and should be used with caution. In particular, the resistance of small fish to the liquid medicine is weaker than that of large goldfish, so the concentration of the liquid medicine should be appropriately reduced, and the immersion time should be appropriately shortened.

4. Put 0.5-1 ml of red mercury into 10 kg water, and wash the diseased fish for 5-15 minutes. If it's ready for color, you can directly wipe the part or the whole body with red mercury. After washing with new water and feeding in clean new water, 3-5ml of red mercury can be sprinkled in 1m3 of water to make the concentration of pool water 3-5mg / L. After 2-3 days, according to the condition of the disease, we can use the above-mentioned bathing method to treat once, then change into clean new water for feeding, at the same time, extend the sunshine time, properly raise the water temperature, stop eating and increase oxygen, which can obtain satisfactory effect.

5. According to the characteristics of the small melon insect that is not resistant to high temperature, put it in the sun, when the water temperature is raised to 30 ℃, rub the red mercury on the whole body of the fish once, and then wash it with new water, then fish it in clean, isothermal and green water for feeding, stopping eating and sun exposure for one week, and then replace it with new water to cure it.

6. In the water temperature range of 20-26 ℃, 0.3g or 0.4g malachite green solution is used to wash the diseased fish for 2 hours, which can kill the small melon insect and is safe for goldfish.

Be careful:

If we find that the time for goldfish to grow white spots is from the end of October to the beginning of February, goldfish may suffer from acne. Just put a little erythromycin in the jar to cure it.