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How much can you drink to death?

With the double 11 approaching, businesses have launched various promotional activities. Recently, there has been a lifetime of wine on Taobao. The merchants promise that they can drink until they die! It's amazing.

Winemakers promise 11111 yuan to let consumers' drink for life '

Spend 11111 yuan to drink wine for a lifetime?

One time payment, life-long enjoyment, and such good things? Recently, netizens reported that a wine seller launched a "life-long wine", and customers can receive products sent by merchants for life until they die after paying.

From the homepage of the e-commerce platform of the product, the reporter saw that the original price of "life-long wine" was 99999 yuan, and the discount and promotion of "double 11" was 11111 yuan. After the payment, the merchant promised that the customer would receive a box of wine of the brand every month in his lifetime.

The reporter contacted the seller's e-commerce customer service as a buyer, and the customer service said that the "life-long wine" was indeed a double 11 promotion activity of the seller, starting from last year, once a year.

On the e-commerce page of the product, the reporter saw that the activity was limited to 11 pieces in three periods starting from 0:00 on November 11. At present, the sales volume of the event is 19, and there are 9 comments. Some buyers commented: 'I have bought it all my life, I hope I can keep my promise'.

inheritable death within 5 years

This' life-long wine 'is a 12 bottle box of white wine, priced at 196 yuan per box. At this price, one box a month is 2352 yuan a year, that is to say, consumers will 'pay back' in five years. Some netizens questioned: if there is an accident within 5 years, is it not a big loss? Some netizens also said: how to deal with the closure of the business for decades in a lifetime?

The reporter of Beiqing daily saw a 'privilege certificate' on the homepage of the event, one of which said 'since November 11, 2017, the privilege can be inherited if an accident occurs to the consumer within 5 years'. Business customer service explained to reporters that if the buyer had an accident within 5 years, he could provide the ID card information of his immediate family to continue to enjoy the activity.

At the same time, the privilege letter indicates that 'if the company is unable to cash the above interests within 30 years from November 11, 2017, you can apply to the company for a full refund based on the actual payment amount you purchased'. Customer service said that in order to ensure that consumers enjoy the above rights and interests, consumers need to provide ID certificates when they buy and every year after that.