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What are the daily financial skills and how to improve the quality of life

What are the daily financial skills and how to improve the quality of life for those who have been working for many years, they have already passed the period of "moonlight clan". How to control their salaries every month, how to manage their finances more effectively, and how to improve their quality of life are the questions to be considered. About financial management, everyone has their own ideas. Here are a few tips for financial management. You can take a look at them.

I. compulsory savings

You see, the first point is platitude. It's estimated that you have turned your eyes while looking at it. Who doesn't know how to save? The problem is that you have to save!

The premise of financial management, of course, is to have financial justification. A lot of people will think that only the money that can't be spent can they manage money. In fact, it's not.

In fact, most of us have relatively stable incomes. After all, only a few of us are very rich. So, don't think about waiting for yourself to make a lot of money and make a lot of money before you start managing money. Start now.

How can I make money when my earning power is limited? My approach is to forcibly draw a certain proportion of money from my income every month to save, that is, to forcibly save.

This is actually shared by a friend. I worked in the newspaper office just after graduation. Although I worked overtime in the newspaper office for half a month until two or three o'clock in the morning, I worked hard to write a manuscript, but the income was still very average. I just got paid to eat, drink and buy something, and I never thought of saving money. My idea at that time was: with my income level, even if I don't eat or drink, I can save all my income. It's not much, so I'd better spend it! And I did feel that my income was so small, and my life was already tight & hellip; & hellip;

About a year after working, I chatted with a college friend. She told me that she had saved a sum of money and was going on a long journey. I was surprised. Her income is even less than half of mine. How can I do it? She would compulsorily deduct 500 yuan from her 2000 yuan salary every month on the second day of her salary. I asked her, do you spend enough money every month when there is so little money left? As a result, she said, I'll just be used to it when I haven't taken the 500 yuan for a long time, because the consumption habit will be adjusted to the level without the 500 yuan.

I began to try with a skeptical attitude. After meeting her, I went to the bank to do a business of "zero deposit and lump sum withdrawal" (therefore, financial management also needs impulse). On the second day of each month's salary, the bank would directly deduct 2000 yuan from the account for one year. That's about half of my salary at that time. As you should have guessed, I went to withdraw the money before I persisted for three months, because it's really not enough! It's called haste but not speed.

The second mandatory savings plan, I am much more practical. First of all, we made a big budget for the expenses necessary for daily life each month, and reduced the fixed deposit amount to 1000 yuan each month. It will be much easier this time. Although I almost took the money out because I wanted to buy something, I held back. Miraculously, I get used to the life of less money every month.

In fact, if you think about it, 500 or 1000 yuan, you will not have to eat more meals or buy some small things. But after a year, it's a whole number. Although the economic level may not have changed, we already have a disposable wealth.

There is also a gain: because the income of journalists fluctuates according to the workload, after compulsory saving, in order to avoid my life being too tight, I worked harder to write (the driving force of buying and buying), and the income soon increased. I will adjust the fixed deposit amount according to my economic situation every year.

Because of compulsory saving, I began to be interested in reading some articles on financial management. I found that even the financial professionals would advise you to start with saving. There is a very important rule in financial management called "91" rule: when your income is only 10 yuan, you can only spend 9 yuan at most, and save that 1 yuan in your wallet. No matter when and where, never make an exception. Even if you only earn a dollar, you should save 10% of it. This is the first rule of financial management.

Many financial experts think it's stupid to save money. If you have money, you should invest it. There are also a lot of funds and financial products on the market. I also made some fund bets later,

But the habit of forced saving has been maintained. Because whether I later used it for investment and financing, or bought the first house, the first car and other big things, they all provided the "first bucket of gold" through forced savings.

Forming a good saving habit will benefit us a lot in the future. Because you will find that we can improve the quality of life through reasonable financial planning even if we don't get rich overnight.

Moreover, because of the mandatory savings, I told myself how to spend the rest of the money, so when I bought it, I felt more at ease. Even if I spent all of it, I didn't need to feel guilty ~ I felt very happy!

II. Make good use of the additional services and points of credit card, especially platinum card, and collect the wool

A few years ago, because bank of China channel was used for unit salary and bonus, Great Wall platinum card was set up, with three times of points (for the pictorial kettle, data line, twin's knife, about a few thousand pieces of things). Here, Bank of China credit card is still taken as an example. There are many other banks with wool. I'm not a master at collecting wool. Some people have higher arbitrage ability than me and don't know where to go.

For example, some recent BOC activities are OK: Wanda cinema, two movie tickets are free of one; for example, 30 five-star hotel buffet, two people are free of one, which is similar to the more than 2800 million reputation Club package, and the million reputation club is also free of one for two people. There is no need to say anything about Watsons' 100 minus 30. In a word, the people who collect wool are very diligent. Every day, I can't afford these discounts. I'm lazy.

With these preferential activities (many in other banks), although it can not significantly improve the quality of life, there are still small surprises and small improvements.

When financial instruments are well used, it is a sharp tool to improve the quality of life, especially for credit card and white card products. Don't use credit card as a treasury, set a debt ratio line for yourself, and make sure that the monthly debt can be paid on time. Otherwise, it is equivalent to a break in the cash flow of the enterprise, and it will end badly.

III. investment and financing projects, P2P is preferred

'personal / family cash flow health is the most important condition to determine your quality of life', which is equivalent to that we go to the enterprise to see the sustainable growth and financial health of the enterprise. In addition to auditing the income and profit, we also need to look at the cash flow statement and the ratio of income to net cash flow to judge the health of the enterprise.

Cash flow determines a person's quality of life, but also determines the health of the enterprise. Well, to get back to the point, the key word should be quality of life, and adjusting your cash flow status is the most core factor that determines whether you can live a decent life every month.

We need to allocate income reasonably, do a good job in spending budget and asset investment distribution. In the current turbulent environment of the stock market, it is not recommended to spend more than 30% of assets to speculate in stocks, nor to put leverage. I will not say what is specific. Now the stock market is not very good, so we should be cautious. In addition, the survival period is not recommended at all, and the current account is only suggested to keep 5000-50000 yuan (according to personal economic situation). My own distribution is that 10% of the stock will be deposited in the monetary fund, and the redemption of T + 0 will be ready for use at any time.

More than 50% of the stock funds shall be equipped with 30-180 day financial products. P2P financial investment is a financial product with low risk, high income, flexibility and convenience. Car loan & gt; house loan & gt; credit loan & gt; enterprise loan, preferred car loan P2P, with real assets as collateral, a strict risk control management system, risk provisions, third-party custody, perfect! That is to say, Hyundai Zhongche online, focusing on auto financial service companies, authoritative financial institutions, and long-term cooperation with other powerful auto companies, such as Hyundai Auto, auto ocean, etc., committed to Provide investors with safer, more convenient and more valuable financial services.

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