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How about nut pro2 mobile phone? Is nut pro2 worth buying

How about nut pro2 mobile phone? Is nut pro2 worth buying Recently, hammer technology officially released nut Pro 2. The cell phone released by hammer company has been controversial, but there is no doubt that nut Pro has achieved great success in terms of sales volume and public praise. How about the nut Pro 2 released this time? Is it worth buying? Let's see the details of this product!

No surprise, Lao Luo (Luo Yonghao) once again 'redefined 7:30' and joked about the reason for the delay (the stage is too big and the middle time is too long) with the sentence 'this is the biggest and best stage in my life'. At the beginning of the conference, Lao Luo announced that hammer has sold 1 million nut Pro mobile phones in the past period.

Nut Pro 2: fingerprint recognition and logo combined

Next, let's go back to the product. The first product on display is the nut Pro 2. It uses double-sided glass design, the back still uses double cameras, and the auxiliary camera hole is made to be the same size as the flash. Interestingly, the hammer combines the post fingerprint identification module of nut Pro 2 with logo.

Turning to the front of the phone, nut Pro 2 uses the popular 'full screen' design, but Lao Luo doesn't want to admit it's called 'full screen'. Because of this design, nut Pro 2 places the handset on the top of the phone, making a seam, and the front camera is symmetrical in the center. At the same time, the nut Pro 2 screen is designed with rounded corners.

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On the side of the body, the hammer adds a light gold thread to the nut Pro 2 to improve the product differentiation. There is also a lightning capsule key on the left side of the fuselage, which can activate this function with one key. The nut Pro 2 comes in three colors, pale gold, Burgundy and copper.

In terms of hardware configuration, nut Pro 2 is equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 660 processor, supplemented by 6GB of running memory + 64GB of body storage, and supports the high frame rate mode of "King glory" game. In addition, nut Pro 2 supports fingerprint recognition and face recognition, but Lao Luo said at the conference that face recognition is not secure.

Nut Pro 2 is equipped with 12 megapixel + 5 megapixel dual cameras, of which the main camera sensor is Sony imx386, the combination of two cameras supports background virtualization and video anti shake function; the front camera is 16 megapixel, and adopts Momo AI beauty scheme.

Software and operating systems have always been an integral part of the hammer launch. This time, hammer technology brought smartisan OS version 4.1 to optimize various functions: optimize the start-up speed of one step through the combination key of "lightning capsule" on the mobile phone; upgrade the big bang to version 2.2, focusing on optimizing the operation of correcting wrong words, including clicking wrong words to provide new candidates and voice correcting wrong words; flash capsule can be enabled through the shortcut key, and cloud storage and PC sharing record data At the same time, it can be shared with others.

This article is provided by the editor of Sihai life channel. To learn about life tips, please pay attention to Sihai life channel to make your life easier!

It is worth mentioning that smartisan OS 4.1 adds barrier free mode for the disabled, enabling wechat QR code with one click. In addition, through the combination of keys, the text on the picture can be recognized, and the disabled can be informed by voice.

The new system will be officially launched to nut Pro 2 on December 7, and other hammer phones will be upgraded in January 2018.

Finally, there are five versions of hammer nut Pro 2: 4GB + 32GB: 1799 yuan; 4GB + 64GB: 1999 yuan; 6GB + 64GB: 2299 yuan; 6GB + 128GB: 2699 yuan; 6GB + 256gb: 3299 yuan.

In terms of accessories, hammer launched a series of footprints protective covers, such as X-ray version, gramophone version, microwave version, etc. the price of Wenqing protective cover is 99 yuan, the price of silica gel protective cover is 49 yuan, and the price of intelligent front screen sticker is 99 yuan. In addition, there is a half earphone s-102 heart version for 99 yuan.