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What is the meaning of app? Uncovering the origin and development history of app

What is the meaning of app? Uncovering the origin and development history of app smart phones have basically revolutionized our way of life, which is largely due to the app on smart phones. We all know that app is an application, but do you know what abbreviation app is? Where did app first appear? Let's take a look at it!

I. what does app mean

In fact, app is the abbreviation of English application. Translating it into Chinese means application software. In real life, it usually refers to the application software used in iPhone, Android and other mobile phones.

Generally speaking, app is the application software in the smart phone we use now. The mainstream smart phone systems are IOS system, Android system, Symbian, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS. The software installed in these mobile phones is called app, which is usually downloaded to the application market. The app store used in IOS system is the app STO in Apple iTunes Store Re, the app store used in Android system includes Google play, 360 mobile app store, baidu Android App Center, Peapod, 91 mobile assistant and many other third-party application platforms.

There are many types of app, which can be roughly divided into Game App and application app. When we download app in app store, App Store generally classifies app into different categories, which is convenient to download. Now the most used types of APP include six categories: system beautification, life and social interaction, reading and education, video and image, financial management and office, and intelligent hardware.

If you still don't understand the app very well, I'd like to list a few apps that you've been familiar with for a long time. For example, wechat and mobile QQ are the social life app launched by Tencent, Taobao is the shopping app launched by Alibaba, and your mobile phone may also be equipped with mobile assistant applications, such as 360 mobile assistant, pea pod, etc App like is system security and optimization app, as well as app for watching movies and TV in mobile phones, such as iqiyi and Youku mobile phones. These are audio-visual apps. Now, smart phone applications are in the stage of rapid development. I believe that in the near future, more and more apps will bring substantive changes to our lives.

II. Document format of app:

Let's give an example of the current mainstream app store and the corresponding app format:

1. Apple's IOS system and app formats include IPA, PXL and DEB. The apps here are used on iPhone series phones and tablets. The market share of such mobile phones in China is about a little over 10%.

2. Android format: APK, where app is mainly used for smart phones using Android system. This kind of mobile phone has the highest occupancy rate in the Chinese market, almost 80% of the market now.

3. Nokia's S60 system format is sis, sisx, with low market share.

4. Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 and windows phone 8 systems, APP format is Xap.

At present, the more famous app store has the app store in Apple's iTunes Store. Because IOS system is not open-source, the app store of IOS system only has Apple's app store. All users who use iPhone or Mac computer, or IOS system tablet computer, usually can only download app on the app store, that is, download application software. The famous app stores of Android system include Google play store, 360 mobile app store, baidu Android App Center, pea pod, 91 mobile assistant, Nokia Ovi Store, BlackBerry App World.

The innovative development of APP has always been the focus of users' attention, while the development of commercial app client has been the unanimous attention and approval of many network tycoons. Compared with the mature American market, China's development market is in the stage of rapid growth.