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Notes on hot spring in winter

hot springs contain trace elements that are beneficial to human health. In the cold winter, people's activities are reduced, blood vessels are easy to clot, and meridians are not smooth. At this time, hot springs are undoubtedly the best choice to relax. So it's very pleasant to have a hot spring with your family in the cold winter, but do you know some specific knowledge about hot spring?

The temperature of hot spring water is generally between 36 ℃ and 45 ℃, which is higher than that of human body. Hot spring can strengthen blood circulation, relieve emotion, relieve pressure and enhance metabolism. Although it's good to soak in hot spring in winter, we should pay attention to some details.

Not everyone can have a hot spring

People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and high blood pressure. The hot spring water temperature is relatively high, which will accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, expand the blood vessels of the skin, and keep the blood more in the blood vessels of the skin and muscles, resulting in the insufficiency of blood supply to the heart and brain, dizziness, palpitation and even fainting, etc. therefore, it is not recommended for such people to soak in the hot spring, especially in winter.

Women who are in physiological stage and have inflammation of gynecology. This special period of female friends if hot springs, there will be inflammation or cross infection aggravate inflammation.

People with skin inflammation. Hot spring water contains different minerals and chemicals such as sulfur and fluorine, which may cause irritation to the skin and aggravate the disease.

A way to soak in Hot Springs

It's better to soak about an hour after dinner. It is not suitable to take a hot spring after an empty stomach or a full meal, because taking a hot spring can speed up the blood circulation of the human body, speed up the heartbeat, raise the blood pressure, and cause panic.

Drain the stool before soaking, and drink 200ml warm boiled water. There will be a lot of sweat when you soak in the hot spring. Drinking water before soaking is conducive to human metabolism, expelling toxins, and replenishing warm boiled water at any time in the process of soaking to make up for the water lost due to a lot of sweating.

Start with a cold soup pool. Generally, there is a feature such as "fish therapy" in the picture. The water temperature of this soup pool is relatively low. It is recommended to start to soak it first. The small fish in the soup pool will eat the old horniness of the human body, and the skin will be smooth after soaking.

As for how long to soak in the hot spring, it is recommended to soak for 10 to 15 minutes in the soup pool of 38 ℃ to 42 ℃. If the water temperature is 34 ℃ to 36 ℃, you can soak for a long time, but it's better to soak until the whole body perspires, and don't sweat. If bubble to the whole body red, should pay attention to the phenomenon of rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, if there is, should stop immediately.

In addition, leave the pool slowly, quickly dry the water on the body, and finally take a bath. When the water temperature in the pool is high, you must leave slowly. Let the body slowly adapt to the temperature outside the pool, especially in the outdoor hot spring pool in winter. After soaking, you must pay attention to keeping warm to prevent cold. The last bath is to prevent the mineral in hot spring water from irritating the skin and causing itching.

Pay attention to eating and drinking after soaking

Fruit and vegetable juice is the best choice for water supplement. In addition to the loss of a large amount of water, there will be some sodium, potassium and other electrolytes lost in the process of hot spring bathing. It is more conducive to the recovery of physical strength of human body to beat vegetables and fruits into water juice with a wall breaking machine than to simply drink boiled water.

The main food should be easy to digest and avoid overeating. Generally, after hot spring, you will starve faster, eat some easy to digest bread, noodles, etc., to avoid overeating and aggravating body load or causing indigestion.