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10 tips in life for you who love life

10 tips in life for you who love life

Sihaiwang: you love life, you will encounter such and such 'small troubles' in your life. If these tips can bring convenience to your life, please collect them.

1. 17 magic uses of toothpaste

(1) to remove the tea dirt and coffee stains left in the enamel tea cup, the inner wall of the cup can be coated with toothpaste and then repeatedly scrubbed, and then it will be as bright as before.

(2) it's easy to leave rust and scale under the faucet. Apply toothpaste to scrub and clean it up soon.

(3) when writing pen and ink, if there is a mistake in writing, put some toothpaste on it and wipe it clean; if the electric iron is used for a long time, it will leave a layer of rust on the bottom, which can be put on the bottom of the electric iron.

(4) a little toothpaste can be removed by gently wiping.

(5) if the silver is not used for a long time, a black oxide layer will appear on the surface. As long as you wipe it with toothpaste, it will become white and bright.

(6) when the clothes are stained with animal and vegetable oil, squeeze some toothpastes on them, rub them gently for several times, and then wash them with water. The oil dirt can be removed.

(7) when polishing the leather shoes, wipe a little toothpaste and polish in the shoe polish to make the leather shoes brighter.

(8) after cleaning the fish, there will always be a fishy smell on the hand that is hard to remove. First wash the hand with soap, then rub it with toothpaste repeatedly, and then the fishy smell will be easily removed after cleaning with water.

(9) the reflector of the flashlight turns black for a long time. It can be made as bright as new by rubbing it lightly with a little toothpaste with a spinning cloth.

(10) it can remove scratches on the watch surface. Apply a little toothpaste to the watch surface and wipe it with a soft cloth repeatedly to remove the fine scratches.

(11) go to the closet mirror and smear. Wipe with a lint cloth and toothpaste, and remove the stains.

(12) if the ink on the clothes is not big, it can be removed by repeatedly rubbing with toothpaste and washing with water.

(13) paste the painting with toothpaste, which is firm without damaging the wall. If you want to take it off, you can easily take it off as long as you wet the post with water.

(14) wipe the surface of stainless steel utensils with toothpaste to make them as bright as new If there are naughty children in the family, they will doodle on the carpet, wall, sofa or door if they don't pay attention. Since most of the crayons used by children are crayons, most of the components of these colors are wax or grease. Therefore, the graffiti can be removed as long as a wet cloth is dipped with toothpaste.

(15) when stewing, it often spills out of the pot and contaminates the stove. At this time, soak the dishcloth in hot water, screw out the back cover and put it on the scorched dirt of the stove to keep it stuffy for a while, and the dirt will soften and float up soon. After that, just dip the nylon dishcloth in the toothpaste and brush away the dirt, and then wipe it with a rag.

(16) when eating grapes, first cut the scissors to the root part to keep the complete particles, and soak the diluted salt water to achieve the effect of sterilization. There is still a layer of white film left on the washed grape surface. You can squeeze some toothpaste, place the grapes in the palm of your hand, and gently rub them. After the clear water, the grapes will be completely crystal clear and eat more reassuringly!

2. How to remove the peculiar smell in the toilet in summer

Open the lid of a box of cool oil and put it in the low corner of the toilet. The odor can be removed. And a box of cool oil can be used for 2-3 months, economical and practical. Match can also be ignited in the toilet. The phosphorus component of match can effectively remove the odor in the toilet after burning, but it should be carried out under the safe conditions.

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3. Kitchen tips to reduce lampblack

According to experts' verification, kitchen lampblack has a direct relationship with the temperature of cooking oil: when the oil is heated to more than 200 ℃, acrolein, the main component of lampblack, is generated, which has a strong pungent taste, strong stimulation to nose, eyes and throat mucosa, and can cause respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, etc.; when the oil is burned to 'spit out fire', the oil temperature is more than 300 ℃, then in addition to the production of propyl In addition to enoxal, it can also produce agglomerates, which can lead to chronic poisoning and easily induce cancer of the respiratory and digestive system.

(1) change the cooking habit of "stir fry vegetables in a hurry". Don't overheat the oil temperature. The oil temperature should not exceed 200 ℃ (the limit is the smoke in the oil pan). This can not only reduce the 'oil smoke syndrome', but also effectively preserve the vitamins in the next dish.

(2) it is better not to cook the oil repeatedly. Some housewives in order to save some oil, fried fish, fried ribs used oil repeatedly used also do not discard, but it also contains a lot of carcinogens. The repeatedly heated edible oil, such as the edible oil used for frying food for many times, not only contains carcinogens, but also the oil smoke produced by it contains more carcinogens, causing more harm.

(3) make sure to ventilate the kitchen. The kitchen should always keep the natural ventilation, and at the same time install the lampblack machine with good performance and effect. In the cooking process, always turn on the range hood, and turn off the range hood 10 minutes after cooking.

4. Small points of water heater waterproof scale

(1) after the water heater (gas water heater, electric water heater) is used, turn off the gas or power supply, and then open the tap water valve to let the cold water pass through the circulating water pipe (water storage tank) for about 10 seconds, so that the hot water and water vapor in the heat exchange water pipe can be discharged, so that there will be no scaling in the circulating water pipe (water storage tank), and the components can be cooled in time to extend the service life. Because hot water stays in the circulating water pipe or water storage tank, it is easy to precipitate and produce scale, which is not easy to eliminate. As the scale thickens over time, it is bound to cause poor drainage.

(2) the use temperature should be adjusted between 50-60 ℃. When the water temperature exceeds 85 ℃, the scale formation will be intensified.

5. Tips for removing smoke on fingers

The most effective way is to scrub with lemon juice. At first, the effect is not significant, but after patiently wiping, the color will gradually fade. If it still doesn't work, add a little hydrogen peroxide to the lemon juice, and the effect will come out.

6. How to grind electric razor

If the electric razor is not so fast after a period of time, you can find a small grinding wheel for sawing royal jelly bottle, grind the inner surface of the electric razor mesh cover (contact surface with the blade) along the rotation direction of the motor for a few minutes, and then apply a thin layer of lubricating oil on the mesh cover, shaving will be much faster after installation.

7. Three life functions of tomato juice

(1) deodorize plastic containers. The plastic containers used to hold food are usually miscellaneous, and they are easy to smell or even stink. In this case, tomato juice can be used to deodorize. The method is to pour some tomato juice on the sponge first, then rub the tomato juice inside the container with the sponge, then wash the container and the lid with warm water added with detergent, and then wash with clean water and put it in a cool and ventilated place for natural air drying. After two days, the stink in the plastic container will be gone and can be reused at any time.

(2) remove the peculiar smell in the refrigerator. The power failure causes the food in the refrigerator to go bad and have a bad smell. Have you ever experienced this? Try using tomato juice to get rid of the rotten taste in the refrigerator. First, dispose of the rotten food, then use the sponge or dishcloth soaked in the tomato juice, wipe the refrigerator thoroughly, then wash it with warm soapy water, and then dry it. If there is still a little smell, repeat the process; or use vinegar instead of tomato juice to repeat the process.

(3) relieve the sore throat. Mix half a cup of tomato juice and half a cup of warm water together to rinse the throat, which can temporarily relieve the symptoms of sore throat.

8. Methods and skills of deodorizing shoes

Alcohol has the function of sterilization. It is very effective to eliminate the odor of shoes. You can buy a bottle of medicinal alcohol in the drugstore, pour a little into the plate, dilute with water, dip it with paper towel, and then gently blow the paper towel with your mouth to blow the alcohol on the insole. Charcoal can also deodorize. When shoes are not worn, put a piece of charcoal inside to remove the odor. Before wearing shoes, put the gauze with a little lemon juice or perfume into the shoes, and also remove the stink from the shoes.

9. Gas pipe odor prevention ideas

After long-term use, the gas pipe will give off a bad smell.

Materials: packing bags with tin foil for milk powder, tea or biscuit.

Step: cut the packing bag into long strips, and then wind them on the gas pipe. Note that when winding, the upper ring should be pressed to about one third of the lower ring, so that the sealing gas molecules are not easy to spread out. After wrapping the gas pipe, fix the packing strip with transparent tape.

10. Wonderful use of fresh-keeping film cylinder

The plastic wrap is used up. What's the use of the remaining inner tube? Now let's give you a wonderful idea. After the beverage is placed in the storage tank behind the refrigerator door, it is easy to shake the beverage when opening and closing the refrigerator door.

Methods: fold the white towel in half at the bottom of the storage tank behind the refrigerator door, and then cut the inner cylinder of the plastic film along the gap. After cutting, the inner cylinder of the plastic film can stretch like a spring. Put it in the storage tank on the refrigerator door to effectively counter the beverage bottle, so that it can be fixed and taken out easily.

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