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How to do without money

Ma Yun has the opportunity to let us consume ahead of time, so the problem comes. If the opportunity is given to you, and you are unable to repay after the repayment period, how should you deal with it?

Once the repayment date is exceeded, the interest will be recorded. The money owed will roll more and more. The same is true for ants. For example, if the current repayment amount is not paid off before the repayment date, the overdue interest will be charged daily at 0.05% of the current outstanding amount, and the annual interest will reach 18%.

If you don't pay back your debts, first of all, your reputation will be damaged. If the other party initiates a lawsuit with credit fraud, the court can forcibly auction the assets under your name for debt repayment according to the seriousness of the case. Of course, it may also require your relatives to return them.

In the following, the words "Jiebai" and "Huabai" are collectively referred to as (Jiebai)

First move: apply for deferred repayment

Second move: try to repay by instalments or minimum repayment

This is the first thing most insolvent people will choose to do, and it is also the best thing to use

The third move: find friends and relatives to borrow money for circulation. If you return the borrowed money, you can borrow it again. Recycle it

What if it's a huge amount of insolvency?

In fact, the best way is to repay the loan with a loan. There are many platforms that can loan now. Some need sesame credit points, some need your work information, vehicle information, income, and even your age and marital status. But the most important thing is your personal credit, whether you have bad records, and so on.

However, I believe many of these friends who often handle loans have tried. In fact, Xiaobian has another way, that is, it can't find some credit information. If you have channels, you must find the ones that have been promoted by a large number of people and just opened. Xiaobian has borrowed a few times before, and the platform closed down in about half a month, although the amount is not large, ranging from 3000 to 30000, These are all recommended by friends. In less than half a month, too many people hesitated to borrow money from the new platform, and they couldn't get credit information. As a result, they couldn't support it. In the end, Xiaobian's money became a free gift.

But we should remember that this method must not be used for a long time, and the loan amount should not be too large, and it's better not to exceed 30000. If you want to default on a strong loan, the lending company will sue you at that time.