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Introduction to Universal Studios Osaka

Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan is a popular amusement park all over the world. If you want to enjoy Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan, the following fun strategy is essential. Let's go and have a look with Xiaobian~

Another interesting scenic spot in Japan is universal studios. Today, Xiao Bian is here to talk about a ticket issue. You must buy tickets before you go to play, so if you want to know how to buy tickets, just look down.

Ticket purchase

1. USJ official website purchase: you can only register to purchase in Japanese interface. You need visa / Master / JCB.

2. A treasure flagship store, there are purchasing: Although the price is a little high, but very convenient, recommend this method!

3. USJ on-site queuing: a lot of people have to queue up, which is a waste of time. It's hard to buy tickets in peak season, so it's not recommended.

I bought it in a treasure, the ticket price is ¥ 480 + Express 7 pterosaur version ¥ 999.

There are three types of express tickets: express3, express4 and Express7. The number represents the number of items that can be played without queuing. Come all the way. I still recommend buying express tickets directly. The number of express tickets is limited. If you decide when you want to go, you must buy them quickly! How many times can I go in my life? I really don't have to give up. Many projects have been queuing for more than 2 hours. Although express tickets are not free of queuing for every project, when you see the long queue of ordinary tickets on site for several hours, you will feel that the money is worth it!

If you don't buy express tickets and want to play more projects, you can play separately with friends or family. If you are alone, you can choose single channel! The single priority items are: spider man, Hollywood bus tour, space fantasy car, Jurassic Park, great white shark.

Note: some items of express tickets have a specified time. Don't miss it! Otherwise, I'll have to queue up by myself.

PS. here, by the way, what kinds of irresponsible strategies make complaints about the Internet? I went to the day is not a holiday, nor a weekend, the weather is not very good, but a lot of project team is still endless!

Introduction to the types of tickets

Let's first introduce the types of USJ tickets. This is very important! Because if you want to have a good time, you can't just buy tickets.

1. USJ (Studio pass): about 7000 yen

This is the entrance ticket, not including the admission qualification of Harry Potter park. After entering, all items can be played for free, but! There are so many people! If all of them are dead in line, they can only play about four events a day - this is a ticket to go in and take photos. If you go there once in your life, express is highly recommended.

2. Express (express ticket)

Express tickets should be divided into four types: express3, express5, Express7 (ordinary version) and Express7 (reverse roller coaster version). Numbers represent the number of items you can play without queuing. As 3 does not include admission tickets to the Harry Potter Park, fewer people buy it. Here we focus on 5 and 7.

be careful! Because express5 and 7 include Harry Potter tickets, and the admission time needs to be reserved, express5 and 7 are also easy to sell out. It is suggested to buy them more than a week in advance, otherwise they may not be available!

Express 5: normally, about 4700-6000 yen, the price will fluctuate with the peak season

Including Harry Potter admission

1. [fixed] forbidden trip of Harry Potter

2. [1 out of 2] Spiderman / space fantasy train

3. [1 of 3] Hollywood roller coaster / Sesame Street 4-D movie magic / Shrek 4-D adventure. Sesame Street Shrek in the same venue, morning Sesame Street, afternoon Shrek, or morning Shrek, afternoon Sesame Street

4. Great white shark / back to the future

5. [1 of 3] Jurassic Park / terminator / bath fire

Express7: the normal range is about 6000-8000 yen, which will fluctuate with the low and peak seasons

Including Harry Potter admission

1. [fixed] forbidden trip of Harry Potter

2. [fixed] hawk horse flight in Harry Potter Park

3. [fixed] Adventures of Spiderman

4. Space fantasy train

5. [1 of 3] Hollywood roller coaster / Sesame Street 4D movie magic / Shrek 4D adventure. Sesame Street Shrek in the same venue, morning Sesame Street, afternoon Shrek, or morning Shrek, afternoon Sesame Street

6. Great white shark / back to the future

7. [1 of 3] Jurassic Park / terminator / bath fire

[note] there are two types of Express7, which are different in four space fantasy trains. The ordinary version is riding a roller coaster, terrible! The other version of the backdrop is to ride a roller coaster backwards, with a slight decrease in horror. It seems that you can also choose to sit upright after you buy the backdrop version.

② Admission to Harry Potter Park: no money, but an appointment

Unlike other parks in USJ, Harry Potter park can be entered at will, which is equivalent to enclosing a piece of land in USJ and enclosing railings. It can't be entered only by pass. Generally, there are three ways to get the information

A. At the designated coupon issuing place in the park, Central Park, you can book the time you want to enter the Harry Potter park with studio pass, one batch every 30 minutes, and each pass is limited to about one. The number of vouchers sorted out in each period is limited, that is to say, there may be no time to go at noon, and there is a possibility that they have been asked out in the morning, especially on holidays and rest days.

B. Admission ticket: it's prepared for not arranging tickets. It means to participate in the election. It's also in the Central Park to sign up for a certain period of time. The result of the election will be announced at the entrance of HP park. It all depends on luck.

C. Buy express5 or 7, including the Harry Potter park ticket directly.

[Conclusion] it is recommended to choose C directly, which is really easy!

How to buy tickets

There are many ways to buy tickets, but there are three main ways

1. USJ on site queuing for purchase

I don't recommend it. When I go there, I see black people & hellip; & hellip; waiting in line for a long time visually. Why bother?

2. Purchase from USJ official website

Those who can speak Japanese can buy tickets online directly on USJ's official website (Japanese page). According to the operation tips, there are four ways to collect tickets:

a. Scan the QR code to enter the park. The QR code can be directly downloaded to mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices, or printed on paper.

This is the most recommended one by the government and the one adopted this time, which is the most convenient and convenient. For foreign tourists, they don't need to provide an address. They can book tickets in China with credit cards (visa, master, JCB).

b. Send it to your home or hotel.

c. Collect tickets from Rosen convenience store: after booking tickets on Rosen's ticketing website ロチケ com, go to Rosen's physical store to pay for the tickets. Suitable for foreign tourists without credit card.

d. Pick up the ticket at the park ticket office on the same day: you may have to queue up when there are too many people.

3. Ask for help directly

This is the way to take this time. It's very convenient for Chinese who are afraid of trouble! Just search a store with higher reputation.

Will the tickets be expensive? Yes, but I don't think it's much expensive. It's totally acceptable. When I went there, the price of 440 + tickets and Express7 increased to 600 +, so I spent 1000 + (no pitfalls, I checked the official website, the price of tickets was about 7000 + yen, and Express7 increased to 10000 + yen & hellip; at that time, the exchange rate was 0.058).

After buying tickets, a certain treasure can send physical tickets, or send the QR code directly to your mailbox, and it will be unimpeded if you hold it directly on your mobile phone.

[conclusion of ticket purchase strategy]

1. You must buy express5 or 7. How many times can you go in your life? There's no need to be reluctant.

2. Recommend direct a treasure, really not too convenient & hellip; & hellip;

Admission time

Monday to Friday: 10:00 ~ 17:00

Saturday to Sunday: 09:00 ~ 18:00

(the actual opening hours shall be adjusted according to the official website)

How do I get there?

The tram is very convenient. For this park, a special station called Universal Studios Osaka has been set up. If you start from Osaka, you can go to xijiutiao station, transfer to Mengzhe line, and get off at Universal Studios Osaka Station.

By the way, Amway has a necessary app for me to go to Japan, which is called [change navitime]

Input starting point and end point, automatically recommend route, departure time, platform number display, extremely convenient yo! But it looks like it's only for IOS.