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Tips for pore shrinkage on the face 7 ways to have a light white skin

Tips for pore shrinkage on the face 7 ways to have a light white skin

Four seas net: the pore is thick is the thing that many girls are worried about, the pore is thick not only makes the plain face mm shy to go out, the open pore makes the skin look pitted, rough like 'honeycomb', the makeup mm also has to spend a lot of effort to cover the pore, for them to shrink the pore is a big thing. In fact, the small prescriptions and methods to solve the problem of large pores are used in daily skin care. Do a good job of daily skin care, the pores will be away from themselves. It can help you to have delicate and tight skin, and make you shining and dazzling both in plain and makeup.

1. Muddy cleansing products

It's best to use mud cleanser and massage the face gently by wreath polishing. Because the mud like cleaning products can penetrate into the pores, thoroughly clean the dirt in the pores, and achieve the effect of deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is the first step to prevent pore coarseness.

2. White vinegar + glycerin

White vinegar and glycerin have the effect of shrinking pores, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, moisturizing skin. Mix the white vinegar and glycerin in the ratio of 5:1, stir it evenly, use it as a toner or make a mask with mask paper. You can apply it for 2~5 minutes a day, and it will be effective in about a week. This formula is more suitable for dry skin, oily skin and mixed skin can try it, if you feel greasy, you can find another way.

3. Alternation of hot and cold water

After massaging the face for 1-2 minutes, wash it with warm water, and then shrink the pores with cold water. Warm water washing can better clean the residual parts of the cleansing products, and then wash the face with cold water can achieve the effect of alternating hot and cold, shrinking pores.

4. Skin application

There are many choices of peel, such as watermelon, cucumber, lemon and so on. The peel has a good effect of astringency, softening pores, inhibiting oil secretion, and moisturizing and whitening skin. But if it is photolysis fruit, it must be applied at night, not in the daytime.

5. Promote the growth of collagen

Collagen is the guarantee to make the skin plump and prevent relaxation, while vitamin A can promote the growth of collagen, make the skin tight and not loose, and every cell will be 'covered', and the pores will be disappeared naturally. Therefore, if conditions permit, you can choose vitamin a maintenance products, penetrate collagen growth, shrink pores.

6. Pearl powder + milk

Mix proper amount of pearl powder and skim milk into a thick paste, evenly smear it on the face, and wash it after about 15 minutes. Adhere to 1-2 times a week, with good moisturizing and astringent effect. Mm of dry skin can add appropriate honey.

7. Pore dressing cream

Shrinking pores is not something that can be effective overnight. Before thoroughly eradicating the problem of pores, in order to make yourself beautiful every day, you still need the help of makeup. Therefore, every day when you make up, you can use the pore dressing cream with silicone ingredients before the base makeup, which can make the makeup lasting and reduce the greasy feeling.

8. Fresh jasmine + medical alcohol

Soak some fresh jasmine flowers in cold boiled water, seal the water cup with fresh-keeping film, and mix in a little medical alcohol to make convergence water after standing for 3-5 days. After cleansing, gently pat on the face to astringe pores and refresh the skin. It is suggested to use flowers in bud for better effect.

9. Wash face with lemon juice

People with oily skin can drip a few drops of lemon juice into the clear water when washing their faces, which can not only astringe the pores, but also reduce the production of acne and facial blisters (but pay attention not to be too thick, let alone apply the lemon juice directly on the face).

10. Baking soda + Facial Cleanser

Put the cleanser in the palm of your hand, add a little baking soda, and rub it with clear water. It can clean your face, shrink your pores, and reduce blackheads. For a long time, you will be surprised to find that the pores are invisible and the skin is more clean and fresh.

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