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What are the skills of grasping dolls

What are the skills of grasping dolls many people fail when they play the doll grabbing machine in the shopping mall. Most people think that dolls are caught by luck. There have been big god figures who catch dolls on the Internet, which shows that dolls are skilled without luck. So you know that dolls are also skilled. Let's have a look!

With detailed pictures and texts, this one hundred win secret of baby grabbing machine can definitely let you master the secret of baby grabbing machine in a short time. It's simpler and more effective than those videos of baby grabbing machine. Come and have a look!

Preparation for the winning tips of the doll clamping machine

The best trick of the doll clamping machine is to show the wrong picture.

First of all, you need to know how to operate the doll machine and how to set its claws. Judge whether it is a black machine (weak claw machine or frequency machine).

Generally speaking, when the paw is used to hold the doll, you can hold the doll up and down, and then the paw will be released automatically at the highest point. If the doll falls back to the original place, the paw is a normal paw, also called conscience machine.

Baisheng's know-how and error demonstration map of doll clamping machine

Therefore, when you arrive at a new place to hold dolls, you can test whether the dolls machine has made hands and feet for 1-2 coins, or you will lose a lot if you encounter weak claw machine and frequency machine.

Once again, it's not a black machine but a normal machine that can hold a doll up and down and release its paws automatically at the top.

The theory of the winning trick of the doll clamping machine

The best trick of the clip doll machine is to demonstrate the picture correctly.

As mentioned earlier, don't expect to hold the doll straight up and down. The claws will firmly grasp it and return it to the cave.

The secret of holding dolls is to drag, pull, swing, clamp and inertia the dolls out of the hole.

Baisheng's know-how of doll clamping machine

The theory belongs to the theory, but the actual combat depends on the specific situation. The success or failure of the clip depends on the position of the lower paw.

The key to the success of the clip doll machine is illustrated in the teaching diagram.

1. 99.999999% of the dolls fall back to their original positions (just like the human dolls, the square and irregular dolls will roll). Unless you are lucky enough, you just meet the nth powerful claw set by the number machine, but the pursuit of dolls clamping is low cost and high return. There is no improvement and fun for dolls clamping with the flow of mending knives.

Baisheng's know-how of doll clamping machine

2. The neck is not clamped, or the butt is not clamped, and the head is not clamped. For the humanoid doll, the best position to lower the paw is to clamp the arm and body of the doll with the paw, which is the most perfect position to lower the paw. Everything is not absolute, not necessarily the chuck is wrong, but sometimes you need to raise your paw to adjust the position and so on.