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Monk Yilong is defeated by KO monk Yilong myth is broken by who Ko?

Recently, the finals of the king's Kung Fu challenge was held in the gymnasium of Kunming Sports Center. The monk was scolded by KO, which caused a lot of netizens to scold him. In fact, the success and failure of Xiaobian is a common business of soldiers. No one can be invincible forever, so don't be too harsh!

I believe that we have high expectations for Yilong, which is also very much expected in China, even over mythical. Recently, the final of Yilong King Kung Fu challenge was held in the gymnasium of Kunming Sports Center. However, Yilong, a monk, challenged the world's first lightweight, P4P world's first Xiti guess. In the second round, Yilong was KO in 1:10 seconds. Xiti guess fulfilled its promise before the game and won It's got the jeweled trophy, the world champion's gold belt of Wulin style 71kg, and a million bonus.

Before the game, 26-year-old sititsai had 153 matches, 118 wins, 30 losses and 5 draws, including 32 Ko opponents. In October this year, he was rated as the world's first lightweight kickboxing player, and he is also recognized as the world's first P4P player in kickboxing today. The 30-year-old Yilong won 126 games and 121 wins before the game, having 65 Ko opponents.

Before the game, Sidi guessed that Yi Long was a star with no real name, saying that his strength was out of proportion to his fame. Sititsai also claimed many times that he could easily win, and would win the final victory in two rounds. In this game, we changed the way we used to wear clothes, and rarely wore shorts.

In the first round, Yi Long was very active at the beginning of the game. However, Yi Long's heavy attack was counterattacked by Xi tijue's high whip leg, which effectively hit Yi long. Although Yi long used the golden bell mask in the first round, he was caught in the blank many times and hit hard many times.

The second round lasted for 1 minute and 10 seconds. Siti guessed that a high whip leg of his left leg hit Yilong's neck. Yilong was read after being hit by a heavy blow. Although Yi Long tried to stand up tenaciously, the opponent's attack power was too big. Yi Long was sentenced to Ko and looked disappointed after the game.

Xiaobian thinks that winning or losing is a common business of soldiers. Experience is a hero!

How many people dare to stand on the stage and face the world's top players? We should use applause to encourage more good Chinese people to face the world's strong and challenge the world's strong, instead of attacking our heroes with ridicule or abuse!